With some time before the flight to Sydney, we stopped at the park…

We had travelled about an hour and a half and Bec pulled up at a park near the airport, we got Venom out of the car and into the park he went, without hesitation he went into prey drive and he was after the flirt pole.

He had never seen one before but that of course didn’t matter, it moved he chased it. After playing with him for maybe 20 minutes I got out some food to start training him, I started to shape and condition the heel position. Venom did exceptionally well, it was raining lightly in the park, there was thunder and lightning too as well as some dogs barking and sirens in the area, he was totally unaffected and this is simply a testament to his solid nerves.

Check out his Video here http://youtu.be/Vp1E6Tt9KNM

He was given the chance to rest if he wanted but he pressed on, I was stunned how long this jut over 7 week old puppy could go and for how long. It was time to get Venom back in the car for the trip to the airport and get him squared away for the flight.

We checked him in and off he went, me hoping the flight would be a non stressful event for him. I said goodbye to Bec and both Venom and I were flying to Sydney.

I had a chance to make some notes on my diary and then it was off to baggage claim to collect Venom.

I was eager to see how he faired after flying the first time and anxiously awaited him…

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