Why we feed dogs raw at K9Pro

As I sit here contemplating what to have for “Fat Friday’ lunch this week, there are no fat Friday’s for the dogs in our care!

I’ve already got all our kennel dogs meals planned and my office whiteboard colour coded with any notes relating to their diets.

Nutrition and animal care is something I am very passionate about and take great pride in.

Our Clients often comment on the excellent condition of their dogs upon completion of their board and train programs. We often hear comments relating to things like how trim and taut their dog is looking, they can see an improved lean muscle mass, clearer eyes, shinier coats, cleaner teeth and their improved food drive just to name a few.

feed dogs raw

Here at K9Pro we believe a raw diet is best, in fact what we fed the dogs here at K9Pro is exactly the same food that Steve and the staff here feed their own dogs. Steve and Alison believe that only the best is good enough for not only their dogs but the dogs in their care also.

So, why do we feed raw?

You don’t have to do much googling to see how often some of the big name kibble/canned food brands are having recalls due to issues such as vitamin toxicity, heavy metals, salmonella etc. Whilst a cost effective and convenient option this is the essence of dogs living every day as “Fat Friday”

Feeding a raw diet allows us to have complete control of the dogs diet.

When dogs come to stay with us for training and rehabilitation I want to eliminate any dietary factors that may be contributing to their unwanted behaviour, this includes ingredients in processed kibbles such as excessive carbs, salts, sugar and the unknown of ‘meat by products’ that have been known to lead to skin, ear and digestive issues through to sluggishness to hyperactivity.

On day one of a dogs arrival here they are weighed so we can record their current weight, determine their desired weight and calculate a daily meal allowance that we can factor into their training rewards of Prime100 single protein rolls.

This gives us the opportunity to eliminate any intolerance’s or diet related behaviour issues. Any dietary changes are of course only done in consultation and approval with the owner of the dog/s

feed dogs raw

So what do we feed?

As the dogs are trained multiple times a daily their meal sizes can range from day to day, so rather than aiming for a balanced meal every single night we aim for balance over the week and a rotation of proteins, bones, offal and a variety of supplements.

We feed mostly based on a prey type raw feeding model. A typical meal would include muscle proteins of beef/chicken/lamb/salmon or turkey, edible bones such as chicken necks, turkey necks and beef brisket (depending on the size of the dog), blended liver and kidney for offal and a rotation of supplements that include the following:

Food Type

It’s Benefits

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with ‘the mother’)

ACV’s benefits include soothing the GI tract and in preventing UTI’s.

Kefir – This is one of my favourites for dogs entering our kennels. I make our batches fresh here on site.

Kefir contains several major stains of friendly bacteria and is a great help for dogs transitioning to a new diet


A great source of protein, omega 3 and coenzyme Q10


Spirulina has more than 50 percent protein and is packed full of life-giving chlorophyll. It’s a dense source of vitamins, minerals, amino and omega 3 fatty acids, enzymes and trace minerals.


Eggs are high in protein, essential amino and fatty acids. They’re essentially as fully balanced meal within a shell!

feed dogs raw

Are you new to raw feeding?


Many pet owners get overwhelmed at the thought of starting raw diet and and not getting the balance right or the worry of bacteria. 

No need to fear! Just use common sense and safe food handling practices as though you were preparing food for your own family. Defrost your meat in the fridge, clean your hands and wash utensils thoroughly.


Here at K9Pro we offer a range of the Animal Naturals K9 Power supplements to help get you started without the work of missing key nutrients. We also use these for our kennel dogs to provide additional nutritional support when needed.


Here are two of my Favourites:


Total K9 is a complete wellness formula designed to give your companion a balanced source of powerful ingredients that support the needs of their key systems.

feed dogs raw

Superfuel is an advanced performance supplement designed to help maximize muscle efficiency and endurance, while also promoting a healthy recovery time.  


Why not start by adding some species appropriate raw food to your dogs diet. Every dog is different and can take some adjusting. feed dogs rawHere our board and train stay with us for 5 or 8 weeks, we start small and gradually add new proteins and supplements and see a significant difference within a matter of days/weeks.


A copy of Steve’s ebook ‘Raw Feeding Made Easy’ is available on our online store.


Here’s to all of us enjoying our best life through great nutrition, with the occasional Fat Friday!

Love to hear your thoughts, Claire Richards

feed dogs raw

About ClaireR

Claire has been mentored by Steve Courtney since 2013 and works full time at K9Pro as a Dog Trainer and Kennel Manager. She primarily works with dogs in our board and rehab programs

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