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  1. Hi
    We have a Qld cattle dog which is deaf. He is a rescue dog approx 2.1/2 yrs old & we have had him for 4mths.
    Very friendly & active. We take him dlwn to the local dog park & he is very social with the other dogs no problems. One owner brings 2 small white dogs who are not very active. As soon as our dog sees them he fixates on them & nothing we do will move him he just crouches down & steers at them if we block his sight he dodges around us & takes up position. When I put the leed on I virtually drag him back slidding.
    Do you have any suggestions as its very embarrassing

    • It very much sounds like your dog see’s these dogs as prey, if you introduce your dog to them this “might” help, you may also need to add some pressure to this behaviour so he doesnt choose to use it. I would seek some help from a good trainer.

    • Trevor I have a rescue ex-farm kelpie that herds small dogs and gets more intense than I felt safe. I took her to K9 Pro for an assessment for dog aggression ( answer No) but have started a course with them to reduce impulse control. Siunds like your heeler could benefit too

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