The Name…

We have spoken a lot about the puppy and what role it will play in our family and business over the past couple of weeks, discussing names Al came up with Venom. It just seemed to fit and Nordenstamm Venom it is.

To involve the K9 Pro fans, Bec thought it would be a good idea to add some hype leading up to announcement day, and discussions began to appear on our website, forum and facebook page about what Venom is. There were loads of guesses, some of them correct even!

Someone suggested an Energy Drink and that got me going, I asked Claire to modify me a pic of a Mother can and we put that on the Facebook page.

I asked Shell if she could make me a video, sort of like a movie trailer to spur more talk along, our fans have fun with this stuff so it is all good fun. Check it out here



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