The first morning with Venom

Morning comes quick and Venom was quiet all night, he came out of the crate on fire as I am getting used to. Outside right away to teach him to toilet on grass and on command.

As soon as he hits the grass he pee’s and I praise hell out of him. He has no reward value for “good boy” as yet but is sure worthwhile getting some conditioning in now. He finishes his toilet and he is on my leg growling and tugging on my pant leg.

You have to appreciate the genetics built into this guy, he just fears nothing and deals with everything in prey drive, wow. It isn’t overly pleasant having him exhausting that prey drive on your skin but my saying of “don’t buy peace at too high a price” rings loud. It would be easy to discourage him from biting and being in dive a lot of the time, but that would be defeating the purpose really. These genetics are designed to go long and hard, if you can’t re direct that into a purpose, this isn’t the breed for you.

Having that said, he is very easy to live with, he isn’t scared of any thing, he is happy to rest in his puppy pen or crate, contrary to common belief, the Malinios are far from a wild and out of control breed. I have read forums where owners have labelled them wild and out of control, I can only assume they have no experience with training in drive or the dog they have isn’t of stable temperament because the ones I know are far from like that. Yeah when they are on, they are on! But they have an off switch, or at least they can do.

The Malinios lines do suffer from breeders who misunderstand drive and feel it is the total package, it isn’t. Drive is fairly useless without a foundation of solid nerves to support drive. I have consulted, trained and met well over 200 Mals in the past few years, and whilst I admired many of them, I never wanted one.

Lisa Carter booked a lesson with me to help iron out some drive training with her Malinios, Nordenstamm Prix. After spending a number of hours with Prix, I knew he was the total package. With prey drive to burn,solid nerves and a physical structure full of speed and power, he had everything that I need. He plays the hardest game of tug for a dog his size I have met, but yet can play gentle with kids.

When news arrived that the Kollenbergs were having 2 planned litters, I had to go and speak to them.

The first night was a breeze, he was quiet and slept well, no mess in crate and ready to fire the next morning. I started his recall training now as I want him to be very reliable on the recall. As he is a very engaged pup by nature he is with me all the time anyway.

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