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27th October 2011


I received an email from Jens Kollenberg a couple of days ago which advised that Pini had whelped a litter of six pups, 4 males and 2 females. I had been to visit the Kollenbergs 2 months prior to look at both their bitches and sire, Hassan.

As mentioned I wasn’t able to do any testing on Kastra as she was just about to whelp, but Pini who was just pregnant was very impressive. She was so similar in temperament and drives as Nordenstamm Prix, who I have a lot of respect for.

Over the past 8 weeks I have discussed with Al (my wife) as to whether I should get a pup. On one hand my GSD bitch is now 13 and retired from any training but on the other work is so busy I worry about not having the needed time to raise a stable, well balanced high drive pup.

Yesterday, Al and I agreed it was time, and she transferred the deposit!

Talking with a friend / client Lisa Carter (Prixs owner), this litter will be the V litter, so names will be all starting with V. Lisa started spitting out names and one of those was Viagra. I said Viagra – The Mal that makes you harden up!

Viper and Vixen are high on the list.

I told Jens I don’t care what color or what sex, I just want drive and lots of it, on a foundation of solid nerve. The dream I have for this pup is to demonstrate my drive programs and puppy raising structures that I have developed over the last 15 years, as Kandy is the product of my work that lives now.

I do a lot of development on my programs and this is a good time to be able to benefit directly from the programs. I just have to get my arse into gear and make sure I am ready for the pup arriving in 7 weeks.

As I will not run this pup with other dogs as I am to neutralize it, I need to make sure my day pen if fixed as a clients dog has damaged some of the wire, get an ex pen out of stock with a crate and many other things!

As I am an equipment junkie, this pup will have everything! (can you tell I am already excited?)

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