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Raising a Puppy – The Journey So Far!

Puppy Blaze Update, dog trainer

It has been a flat out month at K9 Pro, but I have finally had some time to sit down and write an update on how our newest (fur) addition is going. So without further ado, here’s my next blog post in our Raising a Puppy series, which details all the things Puppy Blaze has learnt so far.

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Can a dog have too much drive?

I quite often hear people describe their dogs as having “too much drive”. In fact I just recently read an article by a dog handler who described a problem they had with their dog. In the example given the dog was trained to work for food but wasn’t able to maintain focus if there was food on offer elsewhere. The …

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We’re Moving!

Training Services for Dogs in Australia

We announced on our Facebook Page a couple of weeks ago that some big changes were happening at K9 Pro HQ, and we’re going to let you in on one of the biggest ones… K9 Pro is MOVING and will be opening a brand new TRAINING SUPER CENTRE!

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Training Life Skills: Clarissa, Sam & Zoe

At K9 Pro we do a lot of work with competitor clients, these are clients that come to us to get help with problems they are having with their competition dogs or to learn how they can get more out of their dogs performance. However, many of our consults are spent with pet owners who have training or behavioural problems …

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Perth Workshop Report 2013

After being away for a week in Perth with some great dog owners and their dogs, I wanted to thank everyone for a great week! I had a full week of private lessons and they were all

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Melbourne Workshop November 2013

This workshop will be aimed at those who already compete in Obedience, want to compete in obedience or are interested in the Training in Drive program. Tickets go on sale Wednesday 9th October 2013 We have structured this workshop so that the information learned on day 1 will be put into practice on day 2! I aim at training dogs …

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Client Spotlight: Nic and Flick!

Nicole has been training her Border Collie Flick, with Steve before she even brought Flick home at 8 weeks of age. Fast forward and they are taking the obedience ring by storm! With top scores in the mid 190’s and winning the Novice ring just this weekend, Nic and Flick are proving they are a force to be reckoned with. …

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Training the OUT!

I think training a good out is super important because it signifies the game is balanced and without conflict between you and the dog. Many people have trouble playing tug with their dogs and one of the most common problems is getting back the tug. Many people find that their dog will not out the tug and they add pressure …

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