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Are Dogs With Behaviour Problems Abused?

I was walking at our local markets with our young female Malinois, Blaze, the other weekend and I got chatting to one of the locals. They mentioned they had seen Steve and myself walking some of our board and train dogs in the area most week day mornings, and asked what they are being trained for? I gave the honest answer which …

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Can a dog have too much drive?

I quite often hear people describe their dogs as having “too much drive”. In fact I just recently read an article by a dog handler who described a problem they had with their dog. In the example given the dog was trained to work for food but wasn’t able to maintain focus if there was food on offer elsewhere. The …

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We’re Moving!

Training Services for Dogs in Australia

We announced on our Facebook Page a couple of weeks ago that some big changes were happening at K9 Pro HQ, and we’re going to let you in on one of the biggest ones… K9 Pro is MOVING and will be opening a brand new TRAINING SUPER CENTRE!

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10 things not to do with your dog…

I see a lot of dogs that come to me for behaviour problems, whilst some of these are genetic problems and things outside of the owners or current owners control, a large percentage are related to the way the dog is raised and trained.

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Hey did you know?

That you can reply in our blog? Yep you sure can, simply look for the comment button at the bottom right hand side of the post, it may say “no comments” if your the first to reply. Click and share your thoughts with us!

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Welcome to the Nordenstamm Venom Diary

Welcome to the Nordenstamm Venom Diary! Once the decision was made to get a new puppy I spent some time investigating the Malinois breeders in Australia and settled on meeting with Nordenstamm owners, Jens and Alison Kollengberg of Queensland. It was at this point that almost daily I made some notes on my Ipad on the future of this pup …

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