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Performance Series – Motivating dogs 1

So, motivating dogs to offer behaviour, change behaviour, repeat behaviours and create behaviours is a big deal in todays training world. And surprisingly, very few people know how to motivate their dogs effectively, leaving them with lack lustre, unreliable, slow dogs that often just fail the exercise often. When I ask most people how they motivate their dogs, I am …

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Can a dog have too much drive?

I quite often hear people describe their dogs as having “too much drive”. In fact I just recently read an article by a dog handler who described a problem they had with their dog. In the example given the dog was trained to work for food but wasn’t able to maintain focus if there was food on offer elsewhere. The …

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An update on Wisdom!

Life is always super busy at K9 Pro and when I moved to Sydney to start working in the office full time a few weeks ago, Steve asked me to help him with some of Wisdom’s social training. As we mentioned here on the blog a few weeks ago, Steve’s hectic schedule meant that it was very difficult for him …

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