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Diesel Report, our German Shepherd Puppy

Like any puppy, Diesel is growing fast and he is well and truly a piece of furniture here already. Our kids call him Puppy Diesel, which is funny because he is so big already, at last weigh in he was lean and approaching 20 kilos. That’s up there for about 15 weeks or so and when he stands eye to …

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An update on Wisdom!

Life is always super busy at K9 Pro and when I moved to Sydney to start working in the office full time a few weeks ago, Steve asked me to help him with some of Wisdom’s social training. As we mentioned here on the blog a few weeks ago, Steve’s hectic schedule meant that it was very difficult for him …

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Personal Protection Training Dogs – The Secrets Revealed!

Bite work training has magnetic properties, it attracts Cowboys, Passive aggressive people, keyboard experts, video trained super trainers and a healthy dose of confused people who think bite work creates a vicious dog. There is a lot of controversy over protection training dogs, some refer to it as a “black art” and will not allow people to watch or participate …

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Check out our lastest Testimonials

Chloe and Reilly traveled up from South Australia to work with Steve, read all about Chloe’s High Intensity Experience! Henna and Jaime have been in our TID program for a while now, here is how Henna see’s our program!  

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Puppy Schools, the good, the bad and the ugly

puppy school

When people decide to add a puppy to their family one of most common pieces of advice they hear is ‘take it to puppy school!’ Unfortunately, not all puppy schools are created equal, and many people don’t realise that a badly run puppy school can do their puppy a lot of harm and potentially long term damage.   Puppy owners …

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The benefits of using a harness on your dog

Many times people need to understand that there may be better ways than we used before, we used to make Agitation collars at K9 Pro, still do by special order, but it became super obvious that no matter how wide we made the collar, it would never be as good as a good harness. Controlling power in your dog through …

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