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Can a dog have too much drive?

I quite often hear people describe their dogs as having “too much drive”. In fact I just recently read an article by a dog handler who described a problem they had with their dog. In the example given the dog was trained to work for food but wasn’t able to maintain focus if there was food on offer elsewhere. The …

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We’re Moving!

Training Services for Dogs in Australia

We announced on our Facebook Page a couple of weeks ago that some big changes were happening at K9 Pro HQ, and we’re going to let you in on one of the biggest ones… K9 Pro is MOVING and will be opening a brand new TRAINING SUPER CENTRE!

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Owning a dog

A have had dogs all my life, my first German Shepherd, Rebel came to me when I was 3. I love watching them learn and then showcase what they have learned and I also love helping them when they need it.

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Canine Safety Awareness Course

Steve presents a Canine Safety Awareness Course for the Children at Boystown as part of our Children’s Therapy Program, K9PRO’s K9 Angels. The course was well received and it is just one of the courses he gives for children and adults. Watch the video!

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Training the OUT!

I think training a good out is super important because it signifies the game is balanced and without conflict between you and the dog. Many people have trouble playing tug with their dogs and one of the most common problems is getting back the tug. Many people find that their dog will not out the tug and they add pressure …

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