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Can a dog have too much drive?

I quite often hear people describe their dogs as having “too much drive”. In fact I just recently read an article by a dog handler who described a problem they had with their dog. In the example given the dog was trained to work for food but wasn’t able to maintain focus if there was food on offer elsewhere. The …

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Dog Training eBook now available FREE

A free eBook by Steve Courtney on his thoughts on some basic dog training principles. Our Dog Training eBook by Steve Courtney is now available for Free download, just click here to get your copy. This book on dog training allows the reader to understand some of the basic principles Steve thinks can be missing from our training with our …

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Remote Collars, a different view

Many people fail to grasp the reasons that people choose to use remote training collars on dogs, these people usually fall into two groups. The first being those have had a small number of dogs in their life and have found those dogs trained very easily, they cannot see the need for such a tool. The second group have often …

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