Preventing dog behaviour problems

At K9Pro, we are known for helping people that have serious behaviour problems with their dogs.

But let’s talk about preventing dog behaviour problems.

Many people have young dogs, under 18 months of age, and these dogs are not “out of control” or “aggressive” and the owners, perhaps you, don’t think they ever will be.

But a year later, out of no where, they are.

This is how many of my clients describe their dogs life as they sit in front of me on a consult with their aggressive dog.

Believe me when I say, this did not come out of nowhere. There are checks and tests we do that will help us determine a young dogs temperament, confidence, fears and concerns long before the dog needs to display aggression.

Aggression is a symptom.

Know that, every one of the most seriously aggressive dogs I work with could have been helped in the first 18 months of their life..

Dogs are not born like this…


When I raise my own dogs I don’t end up with problems, there is a simple set of steps I follow to help the dog develop and feel comfortable and confident in the environment he or she will live and adventure in.

Now of course there are many variables to raising a puppy to produce so many different outcomes and I wont try and list all of those, but many people just need a check up once and a while to make sure things are on track.

If you have a dog under 18 months of age, here is something you really need to do. 

You can save yourself a ridiculous amount of time, effort, stress and worry, very simply.

This is how.

Have an assessment on your young dog @ 6, 12, 18 and 24 months of age.

These take less than 30 minutes for us to go through a checklist making sure your young dog is on the right path.

If we see something going in the wrong direction in these developmental stages we CAN change the dogs behaviour much easier than in mature dogs that have developed and heavily rehearsed unwanted behaviours.

The cost of these 4 visits will cost you less than one consultation if you have an aggressive dog.

These are not training lessons, just behavioural assessments of your young dogs social values, confidence and his or her ability to interact with other people and dogs.

These short visits come with a “Tick” for being on the right path or advice on how to get on it.

A dog that gets 4 ticks of approval is VERY unlikely to develop behaviour problems need behaviour modification later in life.

This is a little help NOW to avoid needing a lot of help later

If your a proactive person, or even if your not, do this to make certain your young dogs development is on track.

Click here to read how…

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