The good dog

good dog

I was reflecting on the year (2018) and the many dog owners I have met and worked with this year and it came to me that most dog owners at some point will say “he is a good dog” or “she is a good dog”. Fair enough but what l does that actually mean? I don’t think it means as …

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Child bitten, stupid parents, bad dog, bad luck?

Recently another child bitten in Australia by a dog he was interacting with. We shared this story on our Facebook page and of courseit has gone viral with comments from dog lovers calling the parents irresponsible and stupid. At first thought it is easy to go that way, but ask yourself, “do you feel that these parents or the grandparents …

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My dog hates

This is something I hear a lot,  from so many different people and rarely, and I mean very rarely are they correct in assuming their dog hates something or someone. The reason for this article is that when a dog is labelled as anxious, dominant, fearful or even as hating something, this often dictates or determines the treatment or training …

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How to make an aggressive dog

Most people would like to avoid ending up with an aggressive dog at all costs but don’t understand that many of the things they do are driving their puppy in this direction. My behaviour consults are filled with dogs displaying aggression driven by fear, anxiety, stress, predatory instinct, dominance and other elements that have occurred through poor education, bad experiences, …

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Death before discomfort?

Death before discomfort is a term used by some in the dog training / behaviour world and I wanted to talk about it and what it means, what people think it means and why I think the term exists. Amongst dog trainers and behaviourists there are some that support the use of all four quadrants of the operant conditioning principles …

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Motivation problems in the heeling exercise

Often I work with people and their dogs and the goal is to improve the dogs performance in the heeling exercise, whether that be for Rally O, ANKC or IPO, they are usually coming to see me to learn my Training in Drive system as they may have seen dogs that I have worked with or some of our videos …

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Can someone recommend a good dog trainer? ?

good dog trainer

I have been tagged in thousands of facebook and forum threads that often start this way “Can anyone recommend a good dog trainer?” As I scan through, it does not take long before I see the conversation going in a common direction which has posters and trainers describe what a good dog trainer or behaviourist is. Now, if I was …

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Behaviour problems are most common cause of Euthanasia

Sadly, more dogs are euthanised for behaviour problems than for any other single reason. Dogs being surrendered because their behaviour is dangerous, stressful, intolerable or illegal is at an all time high. Aggression, escaping, destructiveness, injuring people and killing children, is it any wonder why. But ask yourself this question, with such advances in modern, dog friendly training concepts and …

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Dangerous Dog

When a dog meets a certain criteria, through behaviour it can be Declared a Dangerous Dog by your local council. This will mean that your dogs lives and activities will be highly restricted to prevent any re occurrence of the behaviour. At first, this seems to be quite reasonable to most people but some of the criteria may catch some …

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Bite Sleeve, so many, which one, why?

bite sleeve

Many years ago, the goal of training bite work was to get the dog to bite a person or target item, such as a bite sleeve. These days, it can be a lot more complicated because often handlers, competitors or departments want a certain “style” of bite work to suit the sport or job they are doing. In this article …

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Dog Training Aids

dog training aids

Dog Training aids and tools are a hotly debated topic when it comes to dog training and rehab, they probably get more attention than the useful topics do, sadly. Many people may not know this but in my field, dog trainers and behaviourists are often defined by the methods and tools they use rather than whether they are effective or …

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Are you loving your dog the wrong way?

Most of us who have dogs, love dogs, that is a given, but there are so many ways that you can love a dog, and many of them are not going to help produce a stable, confident dog that knows how much he or she is loved. When I ask “are you loving your dog the wrong way“, most people …

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Why are children being killed by dogs?

Why are children being killed by dogs

Why are children being killed by dogs? We have had some absolutely tragic events of late involving dogs biting children and a couple of cases of children fatally wounded in dog attacks, but why are we seeing this? I wish it was as simple as changing just one but in many cases it is just the sum of many things that …

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The use of pressure in dog training

using pressure in dog training

These days, pets are considered part of the family by more than 90% of pet owners, this means that they are held in such high value, it can trouble us deeply when they are sick, hurt or not behaving well. This means that treating peoples pets has become a professional vocation for many, including yours truly. Having that said, I …

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Living in abusive relationship, with your dog

Abusive relationships are not limited to just people, I meet a number of people each week that are living in an abusive relationship with their dog that could not be described as anything less than abusive. Whilst some of the elements of the relationship vary, abuse very often is occurring.

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