No Politics Dog Training!

When I speak to many people who are in the field of working dogs, one thing that is common to all those who are professional about their work ethic is that they are sick to death of politics in this field!

Sick to death of crap trainers having a sly shot at them somewhere or to a client to make themselves look better. I was taking to some guys in the services recently and they have walked away from a few trainers in their state who they did refer to because of this very reason, they, as am I, are sick of it.

I am stating here and now I won’t be getting into any of these slinging matches, there hasn’t been and won’t be any politics in our company. We don’t care what methods people use, what tools they use, what dogs they have or anything else that doesn’t contribute towards results.

Our motto is “Expect Results” and anyone delivering good results with any tool or method, is ok in my book 🙂

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