New Postal System at K9 Pro

We have long used Australia Post for our deliveries and for the most part, been very happy with them. In the last few months though, their service has been failing us

They have been losing packages, late deliveries, delivering damaged packages etc. We know a lot of people choose the standard post as they trust us at K9 Pro, but the problem is that when we hand over your goods to Australia Post, we can’t track them after that.

We are now trialling a new system that with good negotiation, is now cheaper than the postal options we had before and all packages are trackable via the web. This means that when you place an order, we will be sending you an email with a tracking number, even on standard post.

This is still an Australia post system, there really is no choice, but by having live web tracking we can see where the package is, as can you. There is also a Registered system as well, which requires your signature, this of course is safer.

In all cases we strongly urge you to uptake the insurance option in our cart, if you choose the standard but trackable option and Australia post lose it, if you chose our insurance, you’re covered. If you chose not to insure your package, you’re not.

If you choose the Regsitered option and you recieve your item but it is damaged in the post, if you chose insurance, you’re covered, if you didn’t, you will have to fight this out with Australia Post. Our insurance is only a couple of dollars to cover your packages.

We hope this new system will be the end to any delivery issues.

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