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Jane Harper is a friend of K9 Pro and personal friend of Steve, this is a story we we like to share with you. K9 Pro are “PRO” helping dogs and people, and “PRO” anyone who does this well.

Jane runs her Behaviour Consulting Business in Queensland and we refer to her often. Check out her website www.dogsontrack.com.au

Jane writes…

Tilly was taken home at 8 weeks of age when the client was still living with her parents, and at the time didn’t get to raise the dog exactly how she wanted. She agreed that some issues had been because of them ‘spoiling’ her and not setting any boundaries. This dog first showed signs of fear aggression when at ‘puppy preschool’. A puppy kept trying to play, in a full on manner with Tilly, at which she growled but this did not deter the other pup. Apparently Tilly snapped and the instructor picked her up. She continued to growl at the other pup for the next few lessons.

Tilly has lived with and continues to get along with the parents Maltese X.

Tilly was fine with other dogs for a while, and would sniff and play with them when meeting while walking etc. When she was about 7-8 months the family went to a dog park and a few dogs (5-6) ran up to her and jumped all over her as soon as they got in the gate, at which she snapped, lunged, growled, and tried to attack them. After this episode the client went to three separate trainers over a period of about 18 months and although there was improvement in some areas, the fear aggression was still there.

Tilly lunged and showed quite strong aggression to strange dogs particularly boisterous in your face types who wanted to play and also vocal, brachycephalic breeds with noisy breathing seemed to trigger her. This generally happened when they stopped to talk to someone while on a walk. She also had great difficulty in staying close to calm dogs when they continued to sniff her. She was much more reactive when touched by her owner in all these situations.

The owner wanted to get another dog, which would depend on how Tilly improved in coming year. This was what she wanted to work towards as well as the aggression with strange dogs.
Jane was sent this update-

Had a little set back with my father having to stay for a couple of weeks (spoiling Tilly unfortunately) but despite that she had actually been really great!

She got to play with another relatives puppy and went really, really well. Tilly told him off maybe once or twice but that was only when the puppy was getting a bit too excited. It was really good to see.

I walked Tilly walked down a busy street with people sitting at cafes etc and a couple had a medium sized hairy dog that started growling and staring at her as they approached to walk past, Tilly did absolutely nothing! She just walked right on past. It was fantastic, I would have expected her to at least lunge or something but she had zero interest in the other dog, and it was quite close too.

What they said about Jane

Tilly and I had struggled with her fear aggression towards other dogs and lack of confidence for a year and a half. We had seen 3 trainers prior to meeting Jane Harper and none had techniques to help, in fact some of it had made Tilly worse than before.

Jane’s method of instilling confidence in Tilly (and me!) was simple, humane and very effective. We first had a consultation where Jane learnt of Tilly’s history and then observed Tilly’s behaviour around the house and with another dog. She then not only set a plan for us, but explained what was happening and why. Understanding Tillys behaviour helped us realise what she needed and the methods Jane used with Tilly were gentle which has made a world of difference. A month after we had one more session which saw Tilly going on a walk with a Greyhound, a big step for a 3kg dog. We also learnt more ways to manage and deal with Tillys problems.

We have continued this with Tilly and months on, she is now living with a boisterous 8 month old Samoyed puppy. Although not perfect, Tilly has come a long way and we have Jane to thank for that. With Janes help we were able to recognise and understand Tillys behaviour and react and treat her accordingly.

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