Dog Boots

We get asked all the time “which dog boot is best for my dog?”

Well there are a few considerations but Ruff Wear have covered it pretty well here


Our dog boots are here

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  1. Hi. I live in Albuquerque, NM. Currently in Autism service dog training with our rottweiller mix Morgan. We go everywhere on foot his paws are starting to show major wear, do you have a suggestion on what boots to get. It’s mostly warm to hot here, some random snow from late november to Easter. Lots of sidewalk, parking lots and also tile inside stores. Hope the info helps,lol so that you can help me.
    thanks in advance, form our Puzzle Puppy.

    • Hi Candace, the Ruffwear Skyliner would probably do the trick for your dog, they are very light and comfortable. They are here

      When it comes to snow though, you may want to consider the Polar Trex, which are designed for snow, I personally think they are a great boot but a touch over the top for walking down the street IMO, so I would be running the Skyliner most of the time and have Polar Trex set in waiting for the snow.

      Hope this helps.


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