Super Dog Sale starts today!

Super Dog Sale, Sale discount

Get a huge 20% OFF the price of K9 Super Fuel and Go Dog! Until the end of March, when you buy a large tub of Super Fuel or Go Dog, simply enter the code SUPERDOG to receive a huge 20% off the price – that is a saving of over $20 when you buy¬† large tubs of Super Fuel …

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10 things not to do with your dog…

I see a lot of dogs that come to me for behaviour problems, whilst some of these are genetic problems and things outside of the owners or current owners control, a large percentage are related to the way the dog is raised and trained.

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Owning a dog

A have had dogs all my life, my first German Shepherd, Rebel came to me when I was 3. I love watching them learn and then showcase what they have learned and I also love helping them when they need it.

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The end is near…

The end of 2013 is near and what a great year it has been for me! K9 Pro, Steve Courtney Dog Training and Herzhund Malinois are all thriving. With Christmas upon us I wanted to say thank you too all the people that made this year so good for me.

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