Aggressive dog attacks, aggressive government reactions and media frenzie

Owning a dog is an underrated privilege, without recognizing this we will one day lose it or at least a large amount of the freedom we enjoy now. We seem to rate the importance of risks our dogs place on the community in the following order: Ourselves & family Our Friends Others This isn’t wrong but the level of precaution, …

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Formality vs Fun

When writing a DLP today I found myself looking at the way I am trying to teach people to think, it has become a culture to start off training and hammering the dog for less than perfect work, whilst many handlers are just fumbling through themselves. I wonder when it became so important to get everything so right in the …

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No Politics Dog Training!

When I speak to many people who are in the field of working dogs, one thing that is common to all those who are professional about their work ethic is that they are sick to death of politics in this field! Sick to death of crap trainers having a sly shot at them somewhere or to a client to make …

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