Why are children being killed by dogs?

Why are children being killed by dogs

Why are children being killed by dogs? We have had some absolutely tragic events of late involving dogs biting children and a couple of cases of children fatally wounded in dog attacks, but why are we seeing this? I wish it was as simple as changing just one but in many cases it is just the sum of many things that …

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So you want a German Shepherd

A dog that will stand by your side in life, a friend, protector and confidant? The German Shepherd Dog has long been mans most loved breed when the man, or woman wanted a very capable dog. Over time though, more and more of this incredible breed ends up in trouble, rescue, rehab and worse. Why does this happen to this magnificent …

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Dog attacks in Australia

dog attacks

So it won’t take you long to figure out that I wrote this article with the recent dog attacks in mind, in something like 5 days there were 4 dog attacks on 4 children, one resulting in the death of a little 1 year old girl. Of course there was an instant explosion from the “ban the breed” believers, but …

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Feeding vs Reinforcing In Behaviour Modification

One of the most important things I have learnt as a dog trainer is the difference between feeding a dog and reinforcing behaviour with food. Learning how to use reinforcement correctly in training is usually just one element of successful behaviour modification but it is a critical part of helping the dog to develop work ethic, learn how to make …

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Training Your Own Assistance Dog

I work with a lot of Assistance Dogs, these are often brought by people who are training their own Assistance Dogs, but other times I may be working with already certified Assistance Dogs that are displaying behaviour problems.

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New Puppy? 5 Things you MUST do!

It is a real shame but most people that get a new puppy spend a very small amount of time on very basic training then stop. The next time they think that it is time to do some training is when their dog is behaving badly. This means that those people are reacting to their pups behaviour rather than training …

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Emotional Speed Limits for your dog

Does your dog know the road rules? Let’s talk about setting emotional speed limits for your dog Imagine this: a world where we can drive at any speed we want, any time we want. No need to indicate, get your license, stick to the correct lane – just zig zag along the road at any speed you desire. It would …

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Are Dogs With Behaviour Problems Abused?

I was walking at our local markets with our young female Malinois, Blaze, the other weekend and I got chatting to one of the locals. They mentioned they had seen Steve and myself walking some of our board and train dogs in the area most week day mornings, and asked what they are being trained for? I gave the honest answer which …

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