Calm? Yes it is possible.

Many times there are certain behaviours in dogs that are driven by a chemical imbalance, this can be caused by diet, genetics, health or just being anxious by type. One known aid for anxiety is a range of Group B vitamins, whilst our pets diet generally includes many B type vitamins, they may not be enough or may not be being extracted from the foods for a number of reasons. Another helpful component is an Amino acid known as L- Tryptophan, this is also present in many foods but can be hard to extract in some cases, so your dog may be deficient in them.

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We use an All Natural Supplement known as Pet Arc Calm, there are others on the market too but we find Calm the most palatable and effective. Because it is not a drug it is not addictive and harmless, but it can surely have a positive effect on dogs that are low in either L- Tryptophan or Group B vitamins.

On the packaging it asks “Is your pet one of these… Vet hater? Rug wrecker? Furniture tackler? Neurotic cleaner? Obsessive possessive stalker? Bed wetter? Bad traveler? Vacuum cleaner freak? Antisocial biter? Doggy obedience nutter? Or just plain SCARED?? “ Many times these listed behaviours and others are driven by chemical imbalance and Calm can help turn this around in many cases. Once kick started the system can sometimes start to function normally and it may no longer be needed except in times of stress or illness.

We recommend running a 6 month course and then analysing the effect when you remove it from your dogs diet. It is also helpful to engage more games and activities when your dog starts the calm to make use of those healthy brain functions that start to form again.

For only a few cents a day and virtually no risk, it certainly is worth a try.

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