Dog Training Skill It is more about the end

Dog Training Skill It is more about the end, dog training

Dog Training Skill It is more about the end No matter what your dream is for your dog, I can tell you that knowing how you want it to be in the end is the greatest starting place. Example, many people start Obedience to see if they pass, then when they eventually do, proceed through the levels only find

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K9Pro Angels – Canines for Child Therapy

K9 Angels Canines for child therapy, dog behaviour

K9 Pro “Angels Program” – Canines for Child Therapy Hi, my name is Trish and I am lucky enough to be a “K9Pro Angel!” I am the program coordinator for the program which means I take care of most of the comings and goings and the roster etc. We are a group of dog lovers, under the guidance of Steve Courtney, …

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I bet you can’t train my dog

I bet you cant train my dog

When I used to hear these words I took it as a challenge and would jump at the chance to prove the person saying it wrong, but you know, I never succeeded once…

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Play with your pup – by Dr Naroa Etxebarria

play with your puppy, dog training

Dr Naroa Etxebarria is a client of Steve’s that first met Steve through her German Shepherd Jieki and as time past she has stepped into the drivers, or perhaps passenger seat of the Ferrari, Herzhund Alis. As a quick side line, Herzhund Brannox is going to live in New Zealand and work in

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Dog Training Workshop report Canberra April 2015

Canberra Workshop Report, Dog training.

I spent last week in Australia’s Capital working with some people and of course their dogs. With a full week of private lessons and a jam packed Dog Training Workshop on Saturday I knew I had my work cut out for me, but there was a challenge I hadn’t prepared for…

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The Squash player, the Surfer and the Scooba Diver – Motivation

Controlled Motivation, dog trainer.

The Squash player, the Surfer and the Scooba Diver – Motivation This might seem like a strange heading for a Blog Article on Dog Training and Behaviour but it certainly has a purpose and there is a very important lesson to be learned from it, so sit down with a coffee and enjoy as I tell you the tail of …

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Socialise now, play later?

Socialise now Play later

Socialise now play later? Those that have read my article “Socialisation what is it exactly?” will understand my idea of socialisation; but I still meet a lot of people who want to see their dogs play with other dogs. Now this isn’t the view of some left wing client I meet, but instead

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