16 Week Challenge Raising your puppy the right way by Distance Learning

We get asked all the time “When are you bringing back your Distance Learning Packages?”

We ran hundreds of Distance Learning Packages / Online Courses from 2007 through until 2012, we helped many people get awesome results with their dogs through the packages we offered. We found these very beneficial as some people can not attend training due to their location, work schedules etc. and these programs helped give these people the opportunity to train in these disciplines.

AGENTWe ran Loose Leash Walking, Raising your Puppy the right way and the ever popular Training in Drive courses, all online. These ran in modules from single module courses running 4 – 6 weeks to in depth courses for the dog sports competitor which ran much longer of multiple modules.

We stopped offering these as we needed to prepare some more graphical material such as instructional video clips and I wanted to design more exercises that we could offer online. We have been “piloting” the new Raising your puppy the right way program and it has been going exceptionally well, with the participants, us and the pups having a great time.

My “A” Litter will be going through this and once finished we will have the final coupe of video clips we need to make the program complete.

It will be on offer for enrollment by mid 2014 we hope.

The other programs will be back too, they are a still under development and will be doing pilot tests during first quarter of 2014, finish development and then they too will be open.

The 16 Week Challenge is aimed at having a puppy go through this course and finish it by the time the pup is 16 weeks old, hence the name. If that sounds tough, keep in mind that you will get your puppy at 8 weeks, so you only have 8 weeks to cover the material in the course.

There is a reason for this and it is that puppies go through development phases and we are trying to imprint the puppy with these skills and life lessons before the Fear Period takes hold.

There will be loads of information included but the program is still aimed at people who work and there is about 60 – 90 minutes puppy interaction per day in this program, totally manageable for those that wish to end up with an awesome dog!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates from our “A” Litter puppy owners!

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  1. Hi Steve I can not wait for your online training packages. I live in South Australia and am in absolute awe of what you can achive using balanced training. If you need anyone to trial any of these feel free to contact me. Keep up the great inspiring work. All of Australia’s dog owners should be involved. What a great dog place we would then live in. ( I recently took my 4 dogs on their first camping holiday, they were perfect in every way, but came across the same mentality of dog owners as you did. I was so proud of my pack on how they handled them selves)

  2. Cynthia Benporath

    I wished I had a puppy just to do the challenges (I would not mind one of your pups umm Black boy maybe)

  3. Would love to put Vader through one of these. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. Loose leash walking my two jack russells is a dream of mine…… I hope I can do one of these challenges soon!

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