11th December. Today is the day…

11th December is here and out to NordenStamm we go, we arrive and Jens welcomes us and we head out to the puppy pen. Jens heads in first and I watch as the pups all run to him and start jumping on him. This is of course as expected and I get straight in too. Many pups are frightened of new people, not these guys they were all over me, I could feel teeth and I was in 3 seconds.

We moved to an open area where we had some more space. I watched them interact with each other, there really was none of this litter I would call unsuitable. They were very similar in temperament with almost no differences obvious in the first 10 minutes.

In this first 10 minutes, Jens was moving around a rag, throwing plastic bottles with stones in them at the pups, clanging a pooper scooper at the pups and they just went and went and went. This is not normal, many litters of great dogs will have pups that go hard for 10 minutes in them, this litter had all the pups going hard.

At the end of FORTY minutes I was going to have to flip a coil as they were ALL still in drive and going hard!!! At this stage I was able to separate a few pups from the litter I thought had more drive than the others, there was no real opportunity to grade the nerves of the pups, not one pup showed ANY weakness in nerve, in fact they all were bullet proof.

I was now down to a choice of three boys. There was the largest of the males which was a very socially dominant powerful high drive male, the next was a light coated male with a strong drive but more sociable and then there was  boy number three. A blended coat colour with very high drive.

In the end I culled out the biggest rank male first, I think he would make a very powerful protection or police service dog, but I am looking for a more well rounded temperament for this dog and have many goals for him, so picking this pup on sheer destruction power wasn’t my goal.  Now I have the light coat and mid coated males, we were maybe 50 minutes in and none of the pups were slowing down, this is not normal I can tell you. I haven’t assessed a litter that had this much go in years.

It came down to me selecting Venom on the facts that, of the whole litter he had the most drive that also had the longest duration, he never went to do something else, he chased the rag, can with stones in it, bit my arm, did not care if I put him on his back, covered his eyes etc, he just never stopped going, and going hard! Jens agreed that he was one of the three that HE would have chosen, the other tow were the same two I chose as well.

Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ…

We finished up the paperwork and had a chat then we were off to the airport vicinity.

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