Which Long Line and why?

First, why?

Long Lines are the management tool that is needed whilst taking your dog off leash before your dog is proofed in the recall. In other words, it helps stop you giving a recall cue when your dog will not come.

It is a necessary line that is used in tracking and many other dog sports and also Police, Military working dog operations etc.

It can be used as a safety line in dog park adventures so you can always make sure your dog comes when called and keep your dog out of trouble or harms way.

Why ours?

At K9Pro we make our gear to last and be strong, stronger and better than others you will find. We only use high quality materials that represent who we are and exceed what you are expecting.All our lines feature high quality rated and test solid brass snaps, commercial grade stitching pattern with 277 thread. Our lines are treated with a product to stop them absorbing water and becoming heavy, signalling your dog that it is wearing a line.

Most of all they are made to use for many years…

Which long line is a slightly more complicated discussion.

First I guess we will start with the type of lines we have at K9Pro and their features and then I will explain how I would choose what line I would use on what dog.

Syn Tek

We have been using Syn Tek Lines for Government Department Lines and Leashes for some time. It is a very strong, light and weather proof Synthetic product.
Features: –

  • Feels and looks like Leather, only lighter and soft from brand new
  • Resistant to all weather conditions and wont absorb water
  • Won’t snag or catch in bush
  • Strongest Line we have

Nylon Web

Nylon Webbing has been our staple long line for 20 years, we treat ours with a product that stops it absorbing water and making the line heavy.
Features: –

  • Great value, feels nice and is light.
  • Won?t absorb water
  • Strong, light and easy to handle.


Gripleash USA make these lines, K9Pro are the Australian Distributor.
Features: –

  • Great non slip feature (rubber stitching through cotton line)
  • Strong
  • Not the lightest line we have but not heavy either.

Which Length?

Well if you?re tracking you will need to use a 10m (33ft) line, if this is for other than tracking the length is your choice and this should be based on what your trying to do. If your dog is running in a large area dragging the line, then you will likely find that a 10m line is the best for you.

This makes it easier to catch your dog as you have more line on the ground.

If you are in a smaller place then the 5 m (15 foot line may be better for you to save getting tangled up.)

Which Width?

Again this is based on what the line will be used for, lets say I had a man trailing Police Dog that is racing after a person, I would use a 10m Line that is 16mm thick, probably the Syn Tek. It is great to hold, especially if you have gloves on, it is strong and light too.

I need something to be able to hold back a charging dog so material thickness needs to be substantial. We make wider lines for Police.

If I had a dog that was learning to go off leash and the dogs recall wasn’t solid yet, I want a line that isn’t too heavy. So in a big area, given the information above I will choose a 10m Line. Then I will be deciding the width based on: –

  • The dogs size (Puppy or small dog 10mm, large dog with no recall 16mm)
  • The level of reliability the recall has, i.e. a new dog to recall training that will need me to be stopping it chasing for example by the line, I will 16mkm, but if the dog i8s pretty good or being proofed I would be using a lighter 10mm or 13mm line

Where will I be using it?

All our lines are good for all weather use, but the Syn Tek is better than good. If you’re running the lines through heavy brush or bush, any material can snag and pull threads, the Syn Tek won’t nor will it pick up cactus spines etc.

I would not use a nice leather line in other than fine weather with nice grass; they can feel nice but easily damaged.

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