Week 1 down, many to go!

In Venoms first week with me, I was pretty keen to get the routine down straight so he knew what to expect and be happy with it.

A major problem I see with dogs today is that they are protesting as their expectations are not being met. These expectations don’t come boxed with a puppy, we install them.

I advise new puppy owners to be, to NOT take the first week puppy is home off work, instead show the puppy the way your life is from day one.

I travel a lot and work long days, I have to plan times to train Venom. Due to my schedule, even though this week I was working from home quite a lot, I purposely scheduled a couple of hours alone time per day for Venom.

Malinios like to spend time with their people, Venom is no different but I can’t let him believe every day will be spent with me…

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