Update: Jedda the Great Dane

An update on Jedda the Great Dane written by her new foster carer, Kylie. You can read the previous blog posts on Jedda here and here.

I have a very special update to write about the beautiful Jedda.

Jedda came into my care from the wonderful Kylie Watson and her family due to changes in Kylie’s work commitments. She arrived on the 21st September 2012. It didn’t take her long to fit in with our crew.

I saw this gorgeous girl when she first came into care. I must say what a massive difference I have seen from the girl that first arrived. Whilst in my care, we have been training with noisy kids, knocking at doors, loud noises and basically life in general. She has gone great guns in every aspect. We have been showing her happy things, i.e. zoomies on the oval and farm, swimming in the dam and river and car rides to everywhere and anywhere!! She loves all that she meets now and loves my hubby to bits. She has really come out of her shell and became a dog.

In October we travelled to Sydney to attend the annual NSW Great Dane fun day to raise funds for Great Dane Rescue and rehoming. We had an absolute ball!! Jeddy met heaps of people, got heaps of pats and also won a ribbon. She competed in events and even thought it was funny when my daughter and I had a fall in the 3 legged race. We used a Thundershirt and Pet Arc Calm on her while we were in Sydney just to make her feel secure. She lasted until after lunch time, which is huge for her before getting a bit stressed and very tired. She went back and slept the afternoon away.

Jedda wasn’t putting on weight, although eating and was constantly lethargic. With advice from Steve at K9Pro, we started her on a new supplement. It is a special mix which Steve will have to fill you in on. All I got told was feed her and stand back. Well I must say I was surprised!! She would run for 5 minutes then want to sleep, after the first dose she was looney for over an hour and still going!! It has lifted her spirit so much. She no longer wears the Thundershirt and I have her off Pet Arc Calm. She is eating at least 4 times a day, and good sized meals. Last week’s weight in put her a smidgen off 50kgs. She now loves to go anywhere and everywhere and copes well with being on her own. She no longer is a Velcro dog. She loves to sleep curled up under all the blankets.

We have had a show and tell at my sons school and was such a hit! She just wanted to play with all the kids. In Gooloogong where we live, there is an annual Halloween event where all the kids get dressed up and go to pre-determined houses to trick or treat. Jedda went dressed up and she was a hoot with the kids. She took everything in her stride. She wore her costume for the whole event.

My family and I have been renovating a house and Jeddy doesn’t mind telling us what we are doing wrong!! She is getting vocal now and will play bark/talk to you. She is truly an amazing girl.

Jedda has just left for a trial on the 7th of December with a very lovely family. She has gone to meet Lyndal Parker-Newlyn and her hubby Phil, along with their son Alex. She has a new Dane sister called Maggie and a Samoyed brother Laika. She lives near the beach which she will adore. I wish them all the best for her trial and have no doubt that she will fit in. She is a lovely soul that deserves the best. So far the trial is going really well!

I have made a Facebook page which has videos and more photos of her progress whilst in my care. www.facebook.com/JeddaGreatDaneRescue I look forward to seeing her in a new home and in the next chapter of her journey. I love her dearly and so want to foster fail but unfortunately there are more Danes in need.

Without the love and support from Sacha Packer and the Great Dane Rescue Crew, Steve at K9Pro and the massive help from Dane train drivers, donations and just everyone who have helped in any way, rescues like this would not be possible. I take great pleasure in being a foster carer for GDRR. It is such a rewarding thing to do.

– Kylie Niven

Steve says

Jedda is an incredible spirit, she just doesn’t give up! Though she has had hard times, she continues to thrive and bounce back!

Great Dane Rescue have really saved Jedda, both of Jedda’s foster carer’s (both Kylie’s!) are incredible women that have followed the advice given coupled with a lot of their own intuition and brought Jedda back from a pretty dark place.

Jedda playing dress ups and being involved in the family life is just what she needs!

Well done guys!


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