The Story Behind Our Famous K9 Pro Leashes

K9 Pro Leashes, finest leash you will buy…

Every morning on the other side of the world an Amish leather maker heads to his workshop, his family has owned the shop for many years, and just like the skill of leather crafting, it has been passed down through his family for generations.

K9 Pro Leashes

Living in a strict Amish community means that they have no electricity, so often on cold winter mornings, the man and his family, who work alongside him in the shop, wear miners lamps on their heads so they can see well enough to complete detailed work. They are dedicated to their job and their work ethic is not easily found in our world today.

For more than a decade, our leather maker has spent his day making high quality K9 Pro Leashes by hand, no electric sewing machines, no mass production, each product is an individual. Twice a week regardless of the weather (snow, sleet, rain or heat) the leather maker walks over a mile to a local store so he can collect faxes that we send him, as they don’t have any phones in their community. This allows him to make each product to our exact specifications.

When a shipment arrives of K9 Pro Leashes we often see markings from his bench and even spot his fingerprint on the leather, which goes to show how soft the leather is.

We believe the reason our K9 Pro Leashes have become so popular is not just the quality but the fact that whether it is a leash, collar, harness or muzzle, our leather marker puts care into each item he makes and this passion and attention to detail shows in every leather item we sell. The leather is super strong and extremely high quality, as is the solid brass hardware we source for it. We really believe they are the best quality leather products you will find anywhere.

Over the last 20 years, well before we became K9 Pro, we have stocked these leashes and leather products to dog owners and trainers, competition handlers, government departments, kennel staff and even horse trainers. People always comment that they can’t believe how soft the leather is from new, and whilst there is a secret to the tanning process that maximizes the softness in our leather, the reality is that it is very high quality leather that comes from North America where the cold temperatures make the hides grow thick.

A few facts we want you to know about our leather products: 1) There are no chemicals used to produce any of our leather products. 2) All the products are made by the same leather maker and his family, in his workshop where there is no electricity; machines are either man powered or compressed air driven. 3) All the products are assembled by hand and made individually. 4) The leather is not treated with any chemicals but instead animal tallows are massaged into the hides by hand. 5) The leather is cut in such a way that maximizes the strength; no one has ever broken one of our leashes, ever. These leashes will last you a life time. 6) Not so long ago, in fact just last year, we came across another type of leather we call soft hide. It is arguably as soft if not softer than our premium black leather, only brown. It is a touch thicker but extremely soft and when finished by our leather workers it is truly a beautiful product. The soft hide leashes are braided by hand by our one and only K9 Pro leather maker!

If you have a leather leash or collar, no matter how much you paid for it, we guarantee that our leather is softer from brand new, or your money back.

You can view our selection of leather leashes here, our leather collars here, leather harnesses here

K9 Pro Leashes

One of our new soft hide leather leashes

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