The day with Bite

Just recently I ran “The day with Bite” workshop where I covered topics like the drives needed Bite Work and used for protection or IPO, the biting styles I teach, the mechanics and targeting exercises, grip and chase, handling a dog in bite work and much more.

A Day with Bite
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A real bonus for me was that most of my last Herzhund Malinois litter were there and I also got to showcase Venom and Wisdom’s skill set.

Some of the guys got to try on the sleeves, leg sleeves and bite suit and get a “feel” for this discipline, the dogs of course had a blast! The day with Bite is a Malinois dream!

A great day where we got to feature our Belgian Malinois and work with some highly motivated people. Thanks to those guys and girls who came along, I am sure you were all tired by sundown, and thanks for those who traveled from ACT and Melbourne too!

Our new facility gave me more options in training and presenting, things are really coming together at the new place, The Day with Bite was a great success, I look forward to running some more workshops soon as it has been too long since NSW has had a workshop. It won’t be next week but we will try for this year, I have to get to Perth and Queensland this year too and maybe Victoria too!

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Our building works at the new facility are coming along well too, offices going through fit out now and enclosed yard being built for off leash training with dogs not yet 100% reliable on the recall.

Most of my work is not bite work, very commonly I am teaching dogs to stop biting, so a large percentage of my work is Behaviour Therapy with dogs and owners that are having trouble with each other, some is Competition Obedience (my Training in Drive system) and of course Puppy Development and Pet Dog services!

Having that said training Bite Work is a bit of a passion of mine and I design very owner specific programs that are very unique to the requirements of owners.

Here is the video highlight reel on The Day with Bite expertly put together by Jennifer Martin.

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