The benefits of using a harness on your dog

Many times people need to understand that there may be better ways than we used before, we used to make Agitation collars at K9 Pro, still do by special order, but it became super obvious that no matter how wide we made the collar, it would never be as good as a good harness.

Controlling power in your dog through its neck just isn’t a great idea; it can lead to neck and spine injuries that can easily be avoided by using a harness instead. When we use a correction collar on a dog for control purposes, it is not to restrain the dog by its neck but instead to train the dog to self control its drive, when we use a harness we want the dog to utilise all of its drive without having to concern itself about bearing the brunt of that drive on its neck or throat.

When a dog is training in drive we want uninhibited drive, no restriction or self control in the drive development stages at all, collars may not help our cause here so we always recommend a harness in these situations as well. We use collars for training and harnesses for pretty much anything else, we have quite a few different styled harnesses that will surely meet your needs.

The Ruffwear Webmaster harness is fast becoming a favourite here and we sell a lot of them for small dogs and puppy’s right through large dogs. We use and recommend these nylon style harnesses and the Dean & Tyler brand for all sports; they are safe, efficient and effective. Even more impressive is that fact that if you purchase the Palisades Pack, you get a hydration pack, back pack harness and Web master harness all in one. The pack simply clips off leaving you with the harness.

When it comes to personal protection, tracking and work that involve big powerful dogs, we prefer most of all our own K9 Pro Leather Harness. This is a stunning unit that is super strong and we think it is the best you will find anywhere.

If you haven’t used a harness before, now is a great time to look at our range, we think you and your dog will love using them and find new ways to get out and work together.

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  1. Hi Phil, what breed / size dog do you have, Ruffwear make one called the Omnijore which is designed for pulling. It comes with a waist belt for you to wear and tow line, so its the complete kit. Some of our other harnesses are also suitable but aren’t in kit form.

    • Stella is a 9 month old husky cross dalmatian, currently about 27kg… so a few more months of growing before we get out and try anything serious. The Omnijore looks good, I like that it doesnt have free straps everywhere like other pulling harnesses I’ve looked at.

  2. What type of harness would you recommend for sports like scootering / sledding?

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