TASPOL and Garsova Puppy Development Program, Sponsored by K9 Pro!

Raising a puppy can be a challenge for even experienced pet owners, but raising a puppy to develop it as a working K9 is a whole other level. K9 Pro is proud to be a sponsor of Garsova’s Puppy Development Program, designed to raise and development German Shepherd pups with the ultimate goal to be provided to a Policing Agency, where the dogs will hopefully become General Purpose Police Dog or, if the dog is really outstanding, a Siege Dog.

Quake looking the part in his Front Range harness

As we firmly believe at K9 Pro, it is critical to Raise Your Puppy The Right Way with any dog, but this is especially critical when developing dogs for working roles like Police Dogs.

Having run a training workshop for Jolanda Naarding at Garsova previously, Steve was delighted to support Garsova’s pilot Puppy Development Program in conjunction with TasPol, Royal Canine and Police Dog handlers from a number of other policing agencies.

The Puppy Development Program gives each pup a designated and experienced handler to develop them from 8 weeks through to fully operational police dogs. Not only does this benefit the pups hugely, but also the handlers themselves who want to advance their training and handling skills in preparation for a dog handler role.


Our Syn Tek lines are lightweight and strong

As a manufacturer and designer of quality working K9 gear supplied to Policing units Australia wide, we also know how vital it is to fit out working dogs in the best gear available, so of course we were delighted to provide equipment for the pups being raised through this program. Despite knowing they will grow out of it fast, we don’t fit pups in cheap gear that could break or fail.


As the pups in the pilot program have developed we have upgraded them to equipment as needed to make sure the dogs and handlers are only using the same quality gear we supply to Police and military units Australia wide.

For pups we often recommend the Ruffwear Front Range harness as these are very adjustable but also lightweight and high quality. 

Puppy in training Quake loves his Puppy Prey Toy

Of course for engagement training with pups you can’t go past our favourite Puppy Prey toy on a rope, just ask the young fellow here!

As the pups got older we switched them over to our Redline K9 Patrol and Ergo harnesses, pictured below.

You can check out some of the recruits posing in their current K9 Pro gear below!



K9 Pro are a major equipment supplier to Australian Police dog units, RAAF units, Armed Forces and Federal Departments and Security and Search dog units, so it with pleasure that we support this venture.

Dogs that are used in Law Enforcement roles play a very important role in our safety and security and the officers that work with these dogs should have the best dogs and the best gear.

This initiative aims at those very goals.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates of how these young recruits keep progressing!



Posing in our Patrol harness 
Looking good in our Ergo harness


About Rebecca Chin

Bec has been mentored by Steve Courtney since 2007 and works full time at K9 Pro as the Senior Dog Trainer. She primarily works with dog owners to help them teach their dogs good life skills and general obedience, works with our board and training dogs to rehabilitate dogs with serious behaviourial issues as well as helping new puppy owners with puppy foundation training.

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