Here at K9 Pro we have been using Animal Naturals products for some time now on our dogs and with many clients and customers dogs, with outstanding results. We’ve raised our puppies on K9 Puppy Gold, have our working dogs on K9 Super Fuel, and our elderly German Shepherd Dog Kandy, on Young at Heart. You can read about the huge change we saw in Kandy after putting her on Young at Heart in an earlier blog post here.

It is safe to say that the Animal Naturals range is something we really believe in!

Out of all the products in the Animal Naturals range, we feel Puppy Gold is one of the most vital, beneficial and underrated supplements. We have had breeders that are friends of K9 PRO test their latest litters on K9 Puppy Gold and having now raised three different puppies of our own on K9 Puppy Gold, and planning a litter from our bitch Wisdom later this year, we understand first hand how important it is to get your puppy’s diet right from day one, and to keep the mother of any litter you are raising as healthy as possible.

Wisdom lean muscle 1
Nordenstamm Wisdom showing the benefits of K9 Super Fuel – she was only 9 months of age here.

K9 Puppy Gold is the ideal product for:
– Puppies aged up to 6 months.
– Breeders with pregnant bitches or bitches about to be mated.
– Breeders with bitches who have litters on the ground
– Breeders who are starting to wean pups of mum, start them on Puppy Gold!

Not only is K9 Puppy Gold important to feed growing puppies, but it is the time-proven supplement for keeping mothers healthier too. K9 Puppy Gold is patterned after the gold standard for growth and immunity – canine milk.  Canine milk is very different from goat or cow milk. Dogs are big-brained predators. Larger brains are expensive, requiring more protein and fat than herbivores like goats need. That’s why mother’s milk (and K9 Puppy Gold) contain more than double the fat and protein found in goat’s milk.  Studies show lactose-free milk proteins are ideal for mother and puppies alike.  Better dogs don’t begin when puppies are born, but when developing in mum.

Diesel our GSD puppy showing his great condition!
Diesel our GSD puppy showing his great condition!

K9 Puppy Gold helps develop puppies inside the mother during pregnancy, sparing mum’s muscle and bone mass. Second, during lactation nutrient needs rise 400%. She extracts this enhanced need from her own body stores of muscle and bone. Instead, Puppy Gold supplies milk synthesizing building blocks, and helps spare her body’s own stores. We recommend feeding bitches Puppy Gold just prior to becoming pregnant up to four weeks after the pups have left the litter to help give her back the nutrients she put out rearing the litter and get her back into prime condition.

If you are raising a puppy we recommend feeding them K9 Puppy Gold from the day you bring them home up until six months of age when we would recommend changing over to K9 Showstopper or K9 Super Fuel.

The history of Animal Naturals
The history of Animal Naturals

Because K9 Puppy Gold is a product we really believe in, we want to encourage anyone raising a puppy, caring for a pregnant bitch or a litter of puppies to take our PUPPY GOLD CHALLENGE.

Here is your CHALLENGE!

Buy a small canister of Puppy Gold to test on your pups, pregnant bitch or bitches who have just whelped a litter.

If within 30 days of purchasing the product, you find you aren’t happy with it for any reason at all, send the canister back to us and we will give you your money back!

That’s a 100% money back guarantee on the purchase price of the product!

And for anyone else who is already using Puppy Gold, we don’t want you to miss out either. We’ve discounted down the price of our large tubs of Puppy Gold. There’s no reason not to try it – take the CHALLENGE and start right with Puppy Gold! CLICK HERE to get started!

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