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Puppy Blaze Update!

Can you believe it – Blaze is now 7 months old! Gee time flies fast when you have a Malinois puppy 🙂 As Blaze has gotten older, the foundation training I put into her from 8 weeks has really started to strengthen and shine through.

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Which Long Line and why?

First, why? Long Lines are the management tool that is needed whilst taking your dog off leash before your dog is proofed in the recall. In other words, it helps stop you giving a recall cue when your dog will not come. It is a necessary line that is used in tracking and many other dog sports and also Police, …

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Quality equipment is no laughing matter

Broken Leashes can equal disaster. Not that long ago, I was at my local obedience club with my beagle Daisy, she was standing next to me on leash when another club member entered the grounds with their dog. The dog, that became highly aroused as soon as it walked on to the field, broke free of it’s collar and made …

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