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Is your dog well trained but badly mannered?

A guest blog from Rebecca Chin In training, dog owners often place priorities on different things. Some people don’t care about having a dog that can walk on a loose leash but want an operant dog that knows 101 tricks. Some people want a dog with a bombproof reliable recall and don’t care if the dog knows many commands outside …

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Working through behaviour problems with your dog

The road to recovery can be long and an uphill climb, tiring, de motivating and depressing, so those that you see who have worked wonders with their dog; they really have put in the work! I see people coming to me with their dog, they love this dog and they really want things to work, but maybe their dog is …

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Our Laws and your dog

I have well known that our laws in Australia regarding dog bites and dog management could really do with an overhaul, when late last year we added a “Breed Type” legislation, it was clear we were taking a turn for the worst. I was sent an article today that shows that Australians aren’t the only ones lost in all of …

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