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Emotional Speed Limits for your dog

Does your dog know the road rules? Let’s talk about setting emotional speed limits for your dog Imagine this: a world where we can drive at any speed we want, any time we want. No need to indicate, get your license, stick to the correct lane – just zig zag along the road at any speed you desire. It would …

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Are Dogs With Behaviour Problems Abused?

I was walking at our local markets with our young female Malinois, Blaze, the other weekend and I got chatting to one of the locals. They mentioned they had seen Steve and myself walking some of our board and train dogs in the area most week day mornings, and asked what they are being trained for? I gave the honest answer which …

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Raising a Puppy, a year on

Raising a puppy

Twelve months ago I wrote this blog post sharing an update on how my pup Blaze was progressing and detailing how and why we do specific things when Raising a Puppy. A year on, and everything I wrote in the blog post from last year could not be more true as I find myself with an adolescent dog coming in to …

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Do dogs go to jail? – Dog Behaviourist Steve Courtney

Dog Behaviourist

My son Tyler is 11 years old and he can be a bit of a thinker. He will often “ponder” things and then ask questions about them, very often complicated questions, more complicated than you may expect from an 11 year old. He must have been thinking about Jail and he knows I am a dog behaviourist / trainer so …

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Dog owners – THINK!

A few things came across my radar lately that have lined up in a way that I feel encourages me to write this post to try and put some thoughts out there to hopefully inspire some thinking amongst us dog owners. First I wanted to share the events in the order that they became apparent to me and hopefully you …

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Dog attack video – a must see

This video is by client and friend of K9 Pro, Jen Martin. Jen has been bringing her dog Roscoe to me since he was an 8 week old puppy and this video shows Jen at a social dog event and Roscoe being attacked by another dog.

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Is your dog well trained but badly mannered?

A guest blog from Rebecca Chin In training, dog owners often place priorities on different things. Some people don’t care about having a dog that can walk on a loose leash but want an operant dog that knows 101 tricks. Some people want a dog with a bombproof reliable recall and don’t care if the dog knows many commands outside …

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Calm? Yes it is possible.

Many times there are certain behaviours in dogs that are driven by a chemical imbalance, this can be caused by diet, genetics, health or just being anxious by type. One known aid for anxiety is a range of Group B vitamins, whilst our pets diet generally includes many B type vitamins, they may not be enough or may not be …

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