Sydney Workshop 2012 – Life Skills

Life Skills Workshop

for Pet dog owners

Trainer: Steve Courtney


Life skills are the essential day to day behaviours that your dog needs to learn to co exist in society today, whilst many of your dogs behaviours may be OK as far as you are concerned, they may not be looked upon the same way by Joe Public, or perhaps even the laws that govern our dogs.


Location: Hawkesbury N.S.W (exact location TBA)

Date: 3rd November 2012

Duration: 1pm – 5pm

Cost: $75.00 per person


Does your dog pull on the leash?

Does your dog come when called, every time?

Will your dog stay on command?

Does your dog snatch food from your hand?

Does your dog jump up, get over excited when people approach?

Also learn about:

What games can you play with your dog to engage with them and increase their value for you?

How do you stop your dog from becoming easily distracted by other dogs or people?

Teaching basic life skills is something that is important for ALL dog owners! Steve will address all these common behaviour problems and more, examining how to address them with methods designed by Steve himself.

In this workshop Steve will cover the basics on teaching the foundation behaviour patterns, motivation and remedial techniques that can be employed.

So if your dog;

[list type=”arrow”]
  • Won’t come when called
  • Gets distracted easily by things like other dogs or people
  • Pulls on the leash
  • Misbehaves in the house or when out in public
  • Lacks other general manners

Then this is the workshop for you! A great workshop for all dog owners, enthusiasts, dog lovers, kennels, breeders, foster carers and rescuers.

We will have a number of demonstration dogs at the workshop chosen from those who submit the form (form link on ticket sale page).

We ask that only dogs allocated to demonstration spots attend with their handlers, if your dog is not selected as a demonstration dog, please leave them at home. This is a handler only workshop which means Steve will not be working with any dogs on the day aside from the demonstration dogs.

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