Steve’s Brisbane workshop report 2013

Well the dust has settled since my return from Queensland where I spent a week working with people and their dogs and of course a two day seminar, by the dust settled I mean that the family is used to me being back again, I am busy with my normal day to days and Venom has had plenty of catch up Tug.

The weather all week was awesome with blue skies and beautiful views all I would have changed is a couple degrees cooler as I don’t love heat. I spent the week at Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club (friends of K9 Pro who very kindly allowed me to use their clubhouse and grounds for lessons all week) and as you can see the view from the office window was very cool.

Metro Dog Obedience Club
Metro Dog Obedience Club

The Greenkeepers helped with daily entertainment of lawnmower racing and I know now that the red ones are indeed faster.

I met a range of people who were all really nice and had some interesting dogs which keeps the days interesting.

The workshop came around and we decided to call this workshop the “Are Your Ready” Workshop.

This phrase or often shortened to simply “READY” is the trigger cue I use to train dogs in drive and it made a lot of sense to call the workshop after it.

Steve Courtney workshop brisbane

Both days were full of people and their dogs ready and eager to find out what all the fuss is about, when I say full I might also say that I strictly keep these workshop numbers small enough to try and answer every question and work every dog the owners offer up to be worked.

Whilst I have done the 70 – 100 people events, people sitting around all day listening to me reading from a piece of paper isn’t what I am trying to provide.

K9Pro Workshops are interactive experiences and whilst I know that not everyone wants to come up with their dogs (& I totally get that), for those that do I say bring it on!

Both days were awesome and the dogs worked really well for me, everyone was so friendly and there were some excellent questions that shows real engagement from my audience.

Equip K9pro

We decided that as I have so many people in Queensland that support me and have done for so many years that we would be giving back this trip, so both Bec and I lugged loads of training gear (along with posting some) to Queensland which Bec offered at great discounts and I gave near $800.00 worth of gear free away over the 2 days when people answered questions!

This made for a great workshop and along with my sarcasm, wit and charm, I think we all had a great time and I must thank Animal Naturals, E Collar Technology, Rose Hip Vital, FitPaws and Quantumm Chill for helping us with some donations of equipment!

Well most of us enjoyed it!
Well most of us enjoyed it!

As the day progressed we had some great dogs come out, some hesitant at first at my loud and fast handling but sure enough they all loosened up and enjoyed the experience.

Click on the pics below to enlarge in their full glory. 

We make em fly!
We make em fly!
Staffy works with Steve Courtney in drive
Very NICE!
100% in or no pay says Steve
100% in or no pay!
Get em!
Get em!
Outstanding Ella
The Outstanding Ella
Staffy Tug









One of our clients Jen Martin travelled up from Sydney with her Fiance’ Jason to check out the workshop. Jen is “the” Jen from Jen Martin Photography and she also shot some great action at the workshop. Check out Jen Martin at

We covered some great topics and I thought it might be wise to show the various training methods back to back to demonstrate how some need some conditioning before being effective but then deliver awesome results, and some need no real conditioning, show results instantly but do not have the benefit of motivation etc. I included clicker training, training in drive, elimination and negative reinforcement styles to compare against each other showing each has a place in modern and effective dog training.

I demonstrated the various dogs in pack drive, prey drive and food drive and we rewarded big for big effort by dogs and handlers! It is so cool to see a dog go into high drive and belt out some really motivated work, the look on their face displays pure optimism and a can’t lose attitude, it doesn’t get much better!

Day 2 came around and I think that when I run a two day workshop there is some momentum and comfort between both the attendees and myself, we by now know each other somewhat and people can see how I work dogs (and love them).

We get more questions (I love questions) and input when people feel comfortable and more drive form their dogs too. Some long time clients who have become good friends were also at the workshop with their dogs, I know some of these guys over a decade!

Nicole Leyden had her two dogs “ready”, Ella (Ella has her OC) came out and demonstrated a few signature moves including showing that she could not be distracted by food or toys whilst working for her handler. She displayed some outstanding heelwork whilst Bec tried her best to distract her, without much success I might add. Ella 1 – Bec 0.

Outstanding Ella
Outstanding Ella

Ella also opened up our Nosework section on Sunday as Nic has started training Ella in scent detection about a month ago. I’m sure everyone would agree that (like everything else) Ella rocked it!

Her target odour was a spice that was contained in some small scent training canisters like our scent tubes. It was clear as crystal that Ella indicated strong on the target odours in every deployment to the area. 10/10 baby!

I met Ella when she was just a little puppy and I am so proud of her career! Oh yeah and Nic too 😉

Another of the usual suspects is another good friend of mine Maree Rablin, I ran a private lesson for her that was able to highlight a couple of little changes she needed to make. I think this was Thursday (only a couple of days before the workshop) and was delighted to see about a billion percent more engagement in both her dogs at the workshop, Maree must have gone home and worked hard to show such a great improvement in a couple of days. I was delighted to see such a new inspired Maree too!

Jane and Mike Harper (more old friends) were there with their Malinois Kipande and I got to have a play with the bite sleeve. Jane is from Dogs On Track and Mike is in photography but has spent many years taking care of our indigenous people.

Jen Martin drove up with her 4 dogs in the car, I was able to ask Jen to have her Working Line (Baychief German Shepherds) German Shepherd Roscoe out to work with her to demonstrate my Training in drive work, under very high distraction. Another very overstimulated German Shepherd I was working with was barking directly at Roscoe, less than 2 metres away most times whilst the neutralised Roscoe worked flawlessly off leash, just as if the other dog wasn’t there.


I also was able to work with her foster puppy Tonks, Jen has been raising Tonks from about 5 weeks of age and with a little help from me and Animal Naturals, Tonks has turned into a great little girl who will make someone a great dog. I demonstrated through clicker training how to implement Loose Leash Walking training with Tonks and show how puppies rock the clicker. Jen has this little girl hitting the tug, outting and recalling, neutralised to other dogs and looking amazingly healthy. Tonks is up for adoption and anyone looking for a nice puppy to work should contact Jen Martin. This will be a nice dog!

Up for adoption!

We had lots of laughs and the feedback we have received since the workshop has been heartwarming, looking at coming back to Brisbane again next year! I look forward to heading off to Perth in just a couple of weeks and then Melbourne after that!

Thanks you all that attended and helped out and to your dogs that make my work look great, I had a great time and enjoyed every minute!







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  1. It was an awesome weekend Steve, you are truly inspiring and Bec is great. You make things easy to understand for the dogs and owners. Can wait for the next seminar.

  2. We can’t wait Steve… the list of things to ask you about gets longer by the day!! lol

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