Remote Collars, a different view

Many people fail to grasp the reasons that people choose to use remote training collars on dogs, these people usually fall into two groups. The first being those have had a small number of dogs in their life and have found those dogs trained very easily, they cannot see the need for such a tool.

The second group have often been miss lead by tales of cruelty etc, but have often never felt the stim of an e collar let alone ever seen one. More can be read about e collar myths here.

The purpose of “corrections” in dog training are to minimize the likeliness of the dog displaying that behaviour in the future and this is why the “timing” of the correction is so important. It serves no purpose in training to punish or correct a dog for an action completed earlier. This is where the remote collar comes into its own. At distances up to a mile (1600 metres), the same correction can be applied as if the dog where right by your side. There are also, in many cases no need for the dog to be aware that you are supplying the correction, this “aversion training” means that the dog will be less likely to display the behaviour again, even when you are not there. This is essential for dogs that “counter surf”, steal food, chase stock, dig holes, nuisance bark and many more undesirable behaviours.

It should also be understood that all dogs are different, so a “one size fits all” approach to dog training is going to be severely limited in gaining results. With this in mind it becomes obvious that some dogs are so smart that they are well aware when the leash is off or on and a remote training collar can be the answer to keep them under effective control when off leash.

The Remote training collar can also provide an “emotionless” correction, we all know that anger has no place in training a dog, but some find that the physical effort required to restrain their dog can leave them emotionally driven and anger is easily found. When you have the power of correction at the touch of a button, I have found that many more people can keep a level head on the training field. Frustration on the part of the handler becomes a thing of the past and training progresses more smoothly as you don’t have to be anywhere near as “physical” with the dog.

I have also noted quite an improvement in the bond between dog & handler after the remote collar has been employed, for this very reason.

Many smarter dogs end up losing most if not all of their freedom because they simply cannot be recalled off leash with enough reliability. They pose a danger to themselves and others around as they can run into the path of a car, causing an accident or worse.

I speak to so many people that will drive past their local park on the way home from work, to see no one else there. They rush on home, grab their dog and leash and race down to the park for some off leash romping in a vacant park, only to find someone else has beaten them to it. The remote collar can quickly turn this around so that your dog can be under effective control in a very short period of time, meaning if there are no dogs or a hundred dogs in the park, your dog can still go off leash in these situations…

In fact it is a simple procedure to teach your dog a “proximity” so that when off leash, your dog will not wander any further than “x” amount of metres from you. Some dogs also like to play a game known as “keep away”, they will recall to within a few meters only to dart away when you attempt to close that gap! This also is quickly eliminated with the remote collar.

We have developed our own methods of using the remote collar and teaching this to people easily. The method is loosely based on escape training with a stimulation level so low, it is painless to the dog. This makes the remote collar a much more appropriate tool for dogs of various temperaments, from hard headed stubborn dogs to soft and weak nerved dogs.
Steve Courtney has written a detailed manual that gives people the steps to choose a remote collar to suit their needs, fit it to their dog and train to high levels of reliability…

It must be remembered that just owning a remote collar does not make for an obedient dog, it is not a complete training system, in fact it is just a tool, as effective as the user makes it. Used wisely we believe it is one of the best, if the not the best training tool on the planet. Used poorly, with little thought it will serve as a waste of money… we don’t recommend anyone buy a remote collar without the intention of learning how to use it from a professional.

We remember once consulting with some people who owned a dog that was running at people on the beach and barking at them, a large breed dog out of control. They had a remote collar and had been shown how to use it, and whilst I believe that this is the easiest tool to gain control with; it still does take some work. These were the sort of people that excused their dog for anything, aggression toward people, excusable, aggression towards dogs; there was always some reason for that too… This is just proof that simply “owning” the remote collar isn’t the passage to success, it’s a tool that with a little common sense and work, will give you & your dog plenty of freedom and fun times.

We have used these for many styles of canine competition, pet dogs with no recall, dogs with aggression issues, phobias etc and gained excellent results.

Modern day electronic collars like the Dogtra systems have levels so low, no dog can feel them, and this combined with the rheostat dial that allows you to make minute adjustments to the levels used means you can dial in the level that suits your dog exactly!

Good quality systems like the Dogtra and Sportdog have water proof collars with re chargeable batteries so that the fun isn’t limited to on land runs, your dog can swim with the collars fitted, no problems at all.. Modern e collar training is easy on your dog, it is less aversive than mechanical collars and or head halters but at the same time provides much higher reliability and faster training.

If you would like more information on how the e collar can fit into your training program, ask us to give you some ideas.

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  1. Natalie Felschow

    Our Labrador is 4 years old and We live near the Beach and Would love to walk him each morning with me . But my Problem is he pulls me Terribly and drags me around ! A friend told me about the K9 Collars how do the Work and how Much ?

    Natalie Felschow

  2. Under steves tutelage and guidance, i have used a Dogtra remote training collar on my 5year old German Shepherd dog.

    When my dog reached around 8/9 months of age her previous good behavior seemed to desert her. Her recall went out the window and we discovered through accident that she had a real keen desire to chase most things that moved, including kangaroos.

    I dutifully continued with her training hoping it was just adolescence! I spent months working with a long line etc, but she was to smart. She knew how long the line was, when it was attached. As soon as she got a certain distance she knew I had no control, generally gave me the finger then took off!

    I was faced with her having a life on lead, which being rural and with horses she could come riding with I wasnt happy with. But it was to dangerous to let her off lead.

    I then researched remote trainers. I was skeptical and still held the belief that it was a cruel and barbaric training method. But desperation saw me giving it a go and getting in contact with Steve.

    I bought a Dogtra collar and went through the training program with it or collar conditioning I think it was called. I ws still just determined to only use it for her extreme behavior of chasing stock. However after learning more about them, I saw myself using the collar to teach her effective recall, sit and drop at a distance.

    I have been totally blown away by the results! My dog lapped up the training, with no stress. Well the stock chasing training was a little stressfull but way better then the alternative of her chasing stock!

    She is now 5 years old, goes everywhere with me on the farm off lead. She comes horse riding with me
    and with groups. She totally has a quality of life she wouldn’t of had without the trainer. And best of all I can now confidently recall her off chasing a roo, if she got the chance without her collar on!

    I may have been able to achieve similar (though I doubt it!) results with other methods but I just can’t believe how easy and enjoyable training wih the remote trainer for both if us.

    Used properly and with a trainers guidance there are so many training possibilities with his tool!

  3. hi where can we get the manual put out by Steve???

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