Remember Jedda the Great Dane?

A follow up on Jedda the Great Dane, Canine Depression Story.

We received an email update from Great Dane Rescue and Rehoming NSW, it was Kylie’s update on Jedda for their Newsletter.


This is a really special update for me to write about a very special girl that for the last 3 months I have had the privilege of loving, as I’m sure everyone has followed Jedda since coming into the GDRR on the 11th of May and knows the terrible rough start she had in life, I hope she touched your heart as much as she has touched mine.

The first 8 weeks with Jedda were spent with an extremely withdrawn, depressed and downright moody dog. Her days were spent either asleep or guarding the slightest noise and she has a tough time settling afterwards too. Jedda wasn’t interested in doing the usual doggy things like playing with her foster brother Marley even though he tried his absolute best to entice her, she refused to eat anything some days and others it was a mission to get 3 small feeds into her and as you all know she needed that food terribly.

Thanks to GDRR paying for Jedda to see the Behaviourist Steve Courtney and Sacha’s daily help I was given the tools to start to help Jedda see that life is fun!

The combination of using PetArk Calm, a Dap Diffuser, Thundershirt, Backpack and her program the real Jedda started to finally emerge!

We gave Jedda a four week time frame, we hoped she would break her depression and if not we would have to consider her future and I can now admit to you that right up till the end of the 3rd week I was preparing myself for the worst.

Steve’s program has now been in place for 8 weeks and she a completely different dog, she loves being part of the family now. She still likes to give a warning bark if she hears someone at the gate but not in a threatening way just as a lot of dogs do.

She is great with kids, even small ones that recently came to stay. Is the most well behaved house dog I have ever owned, would much rather be on the sofa than outside playing.

She is still my “velcro dog” will follow me all day if I’d let her but will also settle if told to stay. She has also finally mastered the sit which sadly she had no clue how to do, it has taken nearly 3 months to teach her due to her not being interested in food, however will only sit on soft carpet!

I’d love to see Jedda in a home that has someone around for most of the day as she loves her humans more so than a doggy mate outside all day long. I’d also like to see her in a family that can understand that even though she is on the road to recovery little things still scare her like sudden noises or raised voices.

I would very much like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in helping Jedda get to her happy place, without the amazing Steve and Sacha, Jedda wouldn’t be where she is today.

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