Puppy Exercise Pens, yes or no?

I personally haven’t used a puppy exercise pen when raising any of my own pups before, I had other peoples pups come here for training and them in pens but not myself. There are some pros and some cons to consider.

The Pros first: –

  • They are another place to manage the pup and keep it out of harm’s way and yours.
  • The pup does not need to be crated as much; this means you can leave the crate as a calm place.
  • You can change the size and shape depending on your available space.
  • Most of them fold up and can be stored away
  • You can have your pup with you but not on you.


  • If you don’t have a lot of room, they take up more space than a crate
  • If your used to toilet training a puppy in a crate, these are a new thought process to an outstanding method

The Pros outweigh the cons for me so I am all for the puppy exercise pen and will for sure continue to use them.

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