Puppy D Update!

A Blog Post by Alison Courtney

Not long now until my baby boy turns 1! Where does the time go? I can’t wait for his birthday at the end of the month, maybe we should have a puppy party for him ;-P

In honour of becoming a BIG boy soon, Steve mentioned to me a few weeks back, why don’t you try him over the jump (on our training field here). At first I was hesitant as 1. I have never trained anything like this before and B. I wasn’t sure if he or I could do it. But I just wanted a little more from him, something he could do that hopefully he too would enjoy, so we started just for a bit of fun.

Diesel loves the agility tunnel!

As mentioned before, Diesel is our family dog. He isn’t trained in official obedience however he does have the basic life skills of sit, down, (learning the stay), loose leash walking and his recall is fantastic. So this is just going to add to his little basket of tricks.

Diesel recall-1He LOVES the tunnel, I often find him running through there for no other reason than he just wants to.

The jump, well, he is getting better. Like everything, we are both learning. Training new things is always a little frightening for me. I’m not one to step out of my comfort zone easily. I’ve never trained anything like this before, so it’s a learning curve for both of us. We keep the height low as he isn’t fully developed as yet but he sails over easily most times.

diesel jump3
It was through starting this training with him, I realised just what a super dog he really is. He is so much fun to spend time with and he really does learn fast.

I have trained Steve’s foundation training in him so I can reward him highly with food and toys and this makes training go smoothly, even for me.

He is no biting machine like Venom and he doesn’t have the obedience skills and speed of Wisdom, but what he does have is a lot of heart, energy and love for life. He is the perfect dog, he is my Puppy D!

Diesel Jump 1-1
Puppy Diesel – not much of a puppy anymore!

Diesel Jump 2-1

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