Good news today!

Our vet Karen Hedberg today said about our female Malinois Wisdom,

“She is the picture of health and has lots of children in there”

Wisdom is due on or around the 16th December.

We already have plenty of interest in this litter but we do things different to most others.

Already in a play bow
Already in a play bow

I don’t allocate puppies based on numbers, so I won’t say the litter or any puppies are sold before or even just after the pups are born. I wait until the pups are old enough for me to accurately assess their temperaments, and then I categorize the temperaments of the puppies into groups. Only then do I look at what homes I have interested in pups, and I assign puppies to the homes that will suit them best.

For example if someone on my waiting list wanted a dog for ANKC obedience and the pups were all super hard dogs that would not be the most suitable dogs for sport homes, I would instead send the puppies to buyers who are looking at working the dogs in the Police or Armed Forces.

It is all about giving puppy buyers a pup that will best suit their application.

I have not bred my own dogs for a few years, I have previously bred Rottweilers and German Shepherds as I needed them, some of these puppies went to Armed Forces, Police etc, some security and some sport, but I believe ALL of them went to homes that were well suited to the puppies including the most awesome pets the owners had ever had. We got great feedback along the way and I saw the pups grow and perform beautifully.

I constantly work with a huge array of dogs, belonging to everyone from all walks of life including breeders wanting to improve their progeny and I never really settle on a concept without constant development and improvement. This means that since breeding my last litters, I of course have been researching, studying and developing my programs and I am really excited to show what I have to bring to the table as a breeder again.

The litter will be imprinted, socialised and shaped by me, I have allocated a lot of time each day to spend with these pups and you will be able to keep up with progress via our “Pupdates” and “Pupcams“.

The whole litter will be imprinted with my drive concepts including markers and clicker in all drives (pack, food and prey) so that they will be preconditioned should the new owner wish to use them.

The aim in my 8 weeks is VERSATILITY. I aim to shape these into Super Dogs that will be hard to beat in any application.

I am also looking for BALANCE, dogs that have awesome drive but are also balanced and can live with a family if need be, just like mine do.

I want to underpin the above with STABILITY, dogs that are sound conditioned to loud and sharp sounds to help prevent any problems later down the track, Dogs that are stable in all environments and not hectic.

I have designed a program in which many breeders use to raise pups from birth to handover and this includes (but far from limited to) the Bio Sensor program and many other Early Neurological Stimulation exercises to give all my pups the very best genetic, imprinting and environmental benefits possible.

When pups are ready to go to homes, all new owners will have the option to uptake FREE specialised puppy classes with me and my staff here at K9 Pro, interstate people will also have the option of my Distance Learning Package for Raising a Working or Competition Prospect by correspondence also FREE.

If you have been following the progress of our dogs and want a dog that is a cut above, email us your interest on malinois@herzhund.com.au

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an active best mate or a working or sport prospect, all homes will be considered but the choices will be made to benefit my pups first.

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  1. Hi Steve, will be really interesting following your pupdates, am looking forward to them 🙂

  2. How wonderful it would be if some people who simply call themselves “Breeders” (simply because they have a registered & entire Dog & Bitch/s of the same breed…) Would gain some knowledge from your words and realise that you do have to match pups with their new homes and can NOT put Super High Drive babies into low key Family pet homes and expect a “happy marriage” – there is SO much more involved in placing babies into their new homes than simply seeing the “dollars” and not giving a damn who is handing it over, ( woo hoo just add up that money & mate another one… ) then shun responsibility when the calls start coming in from worried owners as the problems begin to arise as the pups needs start emerging… You my dear are most definitely in the highly regarded “club” of true REPUTABLE and RESPONSIBLE Breeders and should be very proud

  3. Great way to do things Steve…I hope you get a litter of super dogs!

  4. Congratulations on your pending litter you must be thrilled. I think anyone getting one of your pups will be very lucky dog owners how much better the world of dogs would be if all breeders had your outlook. Do keep us posted and lots of pictures too. 🙂

  5. Congrats on your impending arrivals. Wish all breeders were like this. Look forward to updates on the super puppies as they arrive and grow. I’m not looking for a dog nor would I be a suitable home but there is always lots to learn from Steve !! Plus pups are cute of course LOL.

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