PUPDate – the countdown is on!

The countdown is now officially on as Wisdom is in her final week of pregnancy today (day 54), her due date being early next week.

She had her last check up with our vet Karen Hedberg this morning who said she is the picture of health and is looking very fit and healthy.

Wisdom a few days ago at day 50

We’ve noticed in the last few days that her tummy has dropped a bit and her milk has started to come in now, lucky her brand new whelping room has almost finished construction! We have started taking her temperature twice daily and monitoring it in our temperature chart.

Temp chart WIZ
Wisdom’s temperature chart

We have been letting her do a bit of light exercise and training, she’s still super keen to work and if you saw her running around the yard full of beans, you wouldn’t guess she was about to have a litter of pups.

Check out the video below, taken a few days ago, to see Wiz in action!

While we do have quite a few names on our puppy buyer list, we do not  allocate any puppies to buyers until around the 5th week once Steve has cateogorized their temperaments. We aren’t looking for super trainers, but committed puppy buyers who are willingly to learn and embrace training by using the pups drive.

If you want more information on our upcoming litter, just send us an email at malinois@herzhund.com

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  1. good luck steve and bec, looking forward to watching the development of these babies

  2. I so hope there’s s little fat pup that would suit me in that tummy of hers. Especially after my ordeal the other night. I need a super dog. These walking fur coats of mine have been shamed since befriending the person breaking in while I were home alone. Haha.
    No pressure steve….
    Bec, it’s up to you! Start telling that tummy that I am here and one of them needs to be just right or im stuck with the bloody useless snow crew!

  3. Wiz really has the pregnant lady waddle up now! LOL

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