Plans? what plans?

I train such a lot of different disciplines, it would likely be impossible to train Venom in all of them, or at least impractical, so how do I choose?

Well I decided early that I wanted to spend some time making sure I had the foundations right and not worrying too much about the formalities, this means I want him to trigger on my trigger cue and have lots of drive and also to know my markers and release cue. Well that has been easy as he has so much drive, he is super keen.

I also wanted him to be able to use his nose, I always find that if we don’t introduce any nose work to a pup it can be more difficult when they have learned to locate things and solve problems with their eyes and ears. So I have taught Venom a little nose work so I have a cue to get him to turn his nose on to locate the answers.

I take him on a few consults with me and he has learned to travel in the crate inside my car and he doesn’t make a sound, even if I drive for two hours, not a peep. He toilets on command so if the drive would be longer I can get him out and give him the cue, and he instantly goes and were on our way again.

He sleeps in his crate and rests in his puppy pen quietly between sessions and can be sent to his crate and will go from a few meters away, people who think Malinois are hard to live with need to meet this guy.

As for positions I deploy dogs to a lot of things from between my legs, so I won’t damage the heel position. Send away, scent work, retrieves etc I like to start with the dog between my legs, so Venom has been taught close means get between my legs, sit if I am not moving.

I have shaped the sit, down and some pedestal positions so his rear end awareness has begun, he knows the heel position but I am not pushing the formality, let’s remember he is only 9 weeks as I write this, but he can walk on a loose leash under mild distraction as well…

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