Perth Workshop Report 2013

After being away for a week in Perth with some great dog owners and their dogs, I wanted to thank everyone for a great week!

I had a full week of private lessons and they were all both interesting and fun and I found the guys in Perth really warm and friendly. That is really helpful for me being away from my family for so long.

The two-day seminar was also a real high point for me, it was really delightful to see so many great dogs, driven and workable and easy to train and motivate, so much potential everywhere.

We got to cover a wide range of topics and demonstrate these with the dogs in attendance and I had a ball doing so!

The theory sessions were packed with great questions demonstrating how engaged people were and when looking around I watched people scribbling down notes all day. I saw so many light bulb moments occurring in people listening, always great for me to see.

All good students paying attention
All good students paying attention

In the practical sessions I was never short of a dog to work with, I worked every dog offered and although these dogs were not trained in my methods previously, in minutes all the dogs were looking pro, just shows how good the foundations were that these Perth people have installed in their dogs!

Great work Perth People!

Perth GSD -1
A really nice GSD!

The seminar planned finish times were 4.30pm, but I found myself still working dogs through to 6pm each night and talking to individuals after that. I guess like minded people doing like minded things make losing track of time easy. I answered questions before each day, during all the breaks and after too, I understand that people don’t get the exposure to me as often as they might like so I try to give as much as I can when I am there, but boy I was tired after!

Thanks you to Dave who provided the delicious food every day and of course Lynne for organising the workshop! I was very well looked after, treated like a local from the moment I arrived until the time I left, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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  1. Manizheh you should have been! 🙂 Perhaps next time?

  2. We enjoyed an incredible workshop with Steve last weekend! I can only describe Steve as INSPIRATIONAL!

    Many of us were fortunate enough to enjoy a one-on-one consult with Steve also in the week prior. The time just flew by and and we were left wanting more and more as Steve responded to each of our questions and queries and left us asking more questions as our awareness and knowledge deepened and expanded.

    Steve delivers his training at a level that appeals to all Handlers which is quite a feat in itself. To then go on and be able to meet each of the needs of those Handlers is a gift!

    At this workshop we had Handlers with GSD’s, Malinois, Border Collies, Irish Terrier, Koolie and Handlers with a wide variety of skills and experience. Without doubt our needs were met and we left feeling ‘full’ and satisfied.

    We have already invited Steve to come back in what will probably be May of next year (2014) and we will advise of dates as soon as it is confirmed. I suspect the that the next workshop and Consult spots will fill up very quickly as everyone who was there can’t wait for the next one and they will be off telling all their friends/dog Handler mates!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun and everyone got a lot out of the workshop. Well done.

  4. Reading this makes me wish I was there

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