Dog problems, why

dog problems

I get this question hundreds of times, and rather than just throw out an answer in the moment, I decided to put some real thought into it, and like it or not, here is what I think we are seeing so many dog problems. Twenty plus years ago, our family dogs played a different role than they do today, they …

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Secure your dog, NOW!

secure your dog

I deal with a lot of legal cases that involve dogs and members of the public, neighbours etc. and my best advice to avoid legal problems would be – “secure your dog”. 95% of the cases I deal with, in which we are trying to help a person with their dog wade through a legal nightmare of their dog being …

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Frustrated with your dog?

frustrated with your dog

There is a saying, “frustration ends where knowledge begins” and if you get frustrated with your dog, maybe this is a great article for you. When I meet a frustrated owner, it is very common that their dog is frustrated also, makes sense I suppose, the dog wants something the owner does not want the dog to want. So, it …

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Stop leash pulling, start heeling? Which collar or harness?

First, I want you to know, there is no collar or harness I use or know of that will stop a dog from pulling on the leash. Let’s get that straight right away, and whilst we are here know that there ARE training aids that will REDUCE the pulling you feel, but the dog is still pulling somewhat. Without splitting …

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Why we feed dogs raw at K9Pro

As I sit here contemplating what to have for “Fat Friday’ lunch this week, there are no fat Friday’s for the dogs in our care! I’ve already got all our kennel dogs meals planned and my office whiteboard colour coded with any notes relating to their diets. Nutrition and animal care is something I am very passionate about and take great …

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What is a professional dog trainer?

professional dog trainer

Since the beginning of time, or at least my time as a dog trainer, it has been my business name, then the descriptor – Professional Dog Trainer, and I wanted to talk about why I chose that descriptor. I feel a “professional” is one who conducts themselves and behaves in a professional manner. They have standards, etiquette, professional conduct etc. …

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Nosework has grown in popularity immensely over the last few years, and this is such great news for dog owners. Now it does not matter if you want to compete in the sport of nosework or just train your dog to use his or her nose effectively for fun, enrichment or mental satisfaction for your dog, and you, it can …

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Dog Training Experience and Education

I have a lot of people ask me how they can become a trainer, how they can become more skilled maybe win dog sports competitions etc, most times these people do not give dog training experience and education enough time.   These days we want it all, yesterday. I see people go to every seminar, watch YouTube until they fall …

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Science based dog training? Shut up and train the dog already!

science based

In the last half a dozen or so years I see more people spruiking to anyone that will listen how their training is “science based” or “scientifically proven”. This is a subject that seems to come up a lot when a client is telling me that they have been training elsewhere with little to no results to show after months …

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Socialising pups: the big mistake

While I love training puppies and their new owners, a large part of my job is working with clients who have dogs (usually around the age of 12-18 months) that cannot control themselves around other dogs.   Most commonly these dogs will come to us for training and behaviour issues ranging from general bad manners to over excitement and lack …

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Your dog is normal

At some point, your dog’s behaviour has been going on so long or so often that you may just accept that it can’t be changed. You adjust to calling it normal, but at K9 Pro, we aim to create a new normal. Over stimulated, over excited, hyperactive, always on, fear aggressive, predatory aggressive, dominant and anxious dogs can all be …

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Normal may be illegal – Menacing or Dangerous Dogs


Every week, I speak with someone either in a phone consult or an in person consult that is in trouble with council due to something their dog has done. They are usually in a panic because their dog will be declared menacing or dangerous and the restrictions that will be applied and the conditions they will need to meet are …

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TASPOL and Garsova Puppy Development Program, Sponsored by K9 Pro!

Raising a puppy can be a challenge for even experienced pet owners, but raising a puppy to develop it as a working K9 is a whole other level. K9 Pro is proud to be a sponsor of Garsova’s Puppy Development Program, designed to raise and development German Shepherd pups with the ultimate goal to be provided to a Policing Agency, …

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Prong collars and e-collars – why?

prong collar e collar

There is a growing debate on the use of these training aids and it really is a concerning topic. People say “Prong collars e-collars – why?” and this is a great question, but it is a poor statement. Maybe twenty years ago, many people had never heard of a prong collar, I remember using them and discussing them on various …

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Targeting success in dog training

targeting success

At K9Pro we measure our success based on how our clients feel about the services we provide. We spend our days targeting success, read on to see how you can do the same. In other words, when clients are able to get the changes in their dogs’ behaviour that they need, this is how we measure our success. Everything else …

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