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Monsimbee German Shepherds

Just thought I would share my Sunday with our readers, I spent this Sunday doing a litter evaluation for a client that had got a pup a few months ago, but it had died of Parvo not long after arriving from the breeder.

I had promised him that I would find him a dog from an ethical breeder and it would be healthy on arrival!

I have been keeping my eye on a few breeders and on Sunday I went to see if my research had led me to the right place.

First I wanted to cover how I will end up at breeders house. You see I won’t order a pup over the phone simply because the breeder has had nice dogs or titles on them, but a breeder with a good reputation for producing dogs that I like, and that has a good reputation in the circles the prospect pup will work in will all influence me to put myself at the breeders facility.

No matter what reputation, spiel or advertising the breeder may have, I won’t settle on a pup just from this criteria. All the above will put me at the breeders place, no more.

I want to be able to go through the litter in my own time and carry out the evaluation to do my best to ensure that I am advising the client that this dog will be what you’re looking for, for the next 12 plus years.

For some time now Karen from Monsimbee German Shepherds name has been popping up in the right circles. Speaking recently to a couple of interstate Police departments about equipment her name crops up as having some nice dogs, other breeders that I trust and general feel is that Monsimbee are producing some nice dogs.

This led me to arrange a time to come out and meet Karen and see what was happening at Monsimbee. On Sunday I traveled up with my client and we met the litter from Izzy and Police Dog Luckas (Victorian Police). A ten pup litter of blacks and black sables mainly that were a touch over 6 weeks.

Karen brought the complete litter into an area that I asked her to, a new area the pups had not been in before, so I could see them without the home advantage (territorial confidence).

Out they came full on and were all driven to see me and play with me, I brought our puppy prey toy that I had taken out of stock to test the litters prey drive, hunt drive and social dominance.


As an aside I break out a new toy for every litter and this was no different, I left the toy with Karen when I left. I do this because it is highly important not to have visited any other litters on the same day and to make sure that this toy is brand new. The spread of Parvo will kill a litter of puppies and as a professional you must take precaution. Note to people looking at puppies, one litter per day is advisable or your disease awareness but must be 100%.

I dropped the toy on the ground and they were into it, this is an important test because just about all pups will chase a moving object, but I want a dog that will make an object REACT. This is a pro active hunt drive status of the genetics.

Let’s just say these guys did that, LOTS.

I want to see if they will beat each other up (social dominance) to get the toy, will they interact with me etc.485606_10201245090876320_1971010765_n

Now by the time about 15 minutes is up I can usually ask the breeder to remove certain pups from the final group, a cull if you like so I can make a choice from less numbers. I can’t say I was able to do this as this litter is very even and all without any temperament flaws.

I kept on playing with them now and 15 minutes is a long time for 6 week old pups to go for, but these guys are keen. They look into your eyes, aren’t frightened, enjoy being picked up and handled too.

I was able to easily pick a number of pups to suit the clients brief an to be quite honest, all the pups met his needs, so it was easy.

I believe some of these dogs are going to Victorian Police and I would bet they are successful candidates, but I guess time will tell.

Again I am going to step aside here from the aim of this post and say, these are Working Line German Shepherds, I test quite a few litters per year and very often I will only find one pup that will meet the minimum criteria. At this point of the day I thought, Karen has some nice dogs here…

You may be reading this word “nice” a lot, nice is a common term used to describe dogs that have plenty of go.

We were all happy with the picks and Karen and the guys from Monsimbee offered to show me some of their other dogs. We must of spent an hour or so looking at dogs that were from past1-1 generations of breeding and I can tell you that when you look around Monsimbee, it is like walking into a boxing gym in that bad part of town and seeing the same “hungry for action” look in the eyes of every fighter looking for their shot.

They all gave me that hard stare like, “get some prey or be some prey“. Whilst they were all super friendly you can see that look, love it.

The key element was that, the 6 week old litter I was evaluating had that same look…

Every dog that came out went right into prey drive and stopped when they were put away, and not before.

Suffice to say that I was and remain impressed with Monsimbee, from pup to adult I found the real deal. Real deal made from real steel!

If you are thinking of getting yourself a German Shepherd for work sport or a powered up pet, you need to be including a visit to Monsimbee in your research, but keep in mind the Real Steel comment. These dogs aren’t going to be garden furniture, they will want to work, play, compete, hike, play, camp, play, play, search, track, play and when that’s done, play.

164939_10201245114396908_858357819_nComing from someone who spends a lot of time building and developing drive in clients dogs over many months sometimes, when I work my Belgian Malinois Venom and he has drive on tap, more than I need, more than I have, it is such a buzz.

When I arrived home that afternoon Al said “how were they?”, and inspired by the Holden Special Vehicles slogan I said “I just want one!”.

Can you tell I am still a German Shepherd lover?

Monsimbee German Shepherds

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  1. This is a great site, a lot of very good information provided by admin..Thanks admin for such a beautiful informative site.

  2. Great post.Thanks for sharing this to us. This is really helpful for dog owners. Keep posting.

  3. I purchased my GSD from Karen last year, and he is a cracker. Smart as a whip, a pleasure to train and tonnes of drive. I was really impressed with Karen and Monsimbee. So glad ‘I got one’!

  4. Such a great and informative post. Thanks for sharing this to us and keep posting. This will really help dog owners.

  5. Great and informative post about German Shepherds. In this way, people will know how to take good care of them. Keep posting.

  6. I have known Karen for a few years now and probably from when she had her first working line girl. Karen respects what a real GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG is. One can love a breed yet not have respect for it. I have a lovely bi-colour from Karen and she has all it takes. Karen has been careful to import valuable working lines into Australia which gives us much needed quality of work ethic, health and great nobility. The essence of a GSD is NOBILITY and true nobility is not what a dog looks like but the very heart and soul of the dog, the inner being of the animal itself and its attitude to all before it. To match the dog in the area of breeding one needs to grasp that nobility in both hands and then with a humble approach, retain and steer the future generations of GSDs to ensure the dog remains what it truly is, the greatest, gracious and most noble canine in the world. Karen is capable of moving into the future with great dogs yet remains humble. von Stephanitz wanted the world to take care of his working dog. Karen is doing that.

    • Well said Christine and if I may say, I have a few Baychief dogs come to me and your dogs have impressed me no end. Would love to look more into those as well!

  7. Congratulations to my very good friend Karen on her outstanding breeding program. Karen does an amazing job with her dogs along side her husband Winston. I have seen first hand how wonderful Karen is to her dogs and the love and respect they have for her. She is a person who truly cares about the German Shepherd breed. What you have said in the above blog entry is so true of Monsimbee. I look forward to seeing what is in the future for Monsimbee and that their breeding program goes from strength to strength.

  8. Lol!! Love the last comment on your blog Steve! We have two litters of working-line GSDs training here in WA and they are endearingly referred to as “the fruit loops”!!! They are definitely not going to be couch-potatoes but have amazing drive and work ethic. Did I say I want one?? Hmmmm!!!!

  9. Sharonika Williamson

    I own 3 GSDs from Monsimbee. Two being working lines. They are hard, they are fast and they mean business! I love them and would never look anywhere else for a GSD. I researched for the best part of a year to find a breeder I was really comfortable with and Monsimbee blew me away. I have never seen such honesty, ethics and quality in a breeder like I have seen in Karen. Her dogs are exceptional and the hard work she has put into creating the dogs she has today is a credit to her and to her dogs. Well done! Go Team Monsimbee!

    • Thanks Sharonika, I know how hard it can be to find the right breeder for you, 3 / 3 means you know first hand that you did.

    • Here at Voneinem only the best working line GSDs become a part of our family. I have two Monsimbee GSD with a third on the way. I am happy to recommend Karen to anyone, and can vouch for the quality of GSD you will get from probably the most reputable breeder of the working GSD in this country.

      We train and breed our GSD for the more serious side of Law Enforcement/Military uses, and I can personally vouch that a Monsimbee bred GSD will meet this requirement, or that of a person requiring a loyal, balanced family companion.

      We are now proudly including the Monsimbee bred dogs we own into our breeding program.

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