Melbourne Workshop November 2013

This workshop will be aimed at those who already compete in Obedience, want to compete in obedience or are interested in the Training in Drive program.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 9th October 2013

We have structured this workshop so that the information learned on day 1 will be put into practice on day 2!

I aim at training dogs to be reliable in the obedience ring, reliable but not covered in obvious signs of compulsion, fear, avoidance or sheer boredom! Training in drive uses the dogs natural instincts to power the ring performance of dogs to new heights never seen before and the training in drive program actually uses no aversive measures.

Dogs stare into the handlers face for direction in this truly motivational system.

People love to see a dog “light up” when I teach it how to win! Many people avoid getting their dog “too” aroused as they fear this will compromise formality, well keep in mind not having your dog aroused enough may compromise reliability, speed and value for the sport you have chosen!

Come to my workshop to find that balance!

It doesnt matter what sport you do with your dogs, there will be techniques covered here that will benefit all sport and working dogs too.

Handler places are limited, we will have less than 20 dogs in attendance so that I can get to every question asked by everyone, so this is a great opportunity to get an advantage! This also means that tickets will fly out out so be ready if you want to come along!

Get that head up attentive dog you have always wanted!

Wiz and Bec hw

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  1. Trudi Ravenhorst

    How much are the private lessons? What day will they be available?

  2. Hi Bec, what time will tickets go on sale? How much for private consults and will they be on over the weekend as well?

  3. Hi Beck
    Great news, just wondering if you have any info on the times and cost of individual consults as I would love to look into this and prepare to book it tomorrow morning if I can fit it in. Many thanks.

  4. Is it possible to book a private consult on the same days as the workshops? If I manage to get tickets, I’d be coming from Adelaide and can only stay the weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Georgia, not sure if you’ve booked anything yet, but no unfortunately the workshop will run all day Saturday and Sunday and the privates will be held Wednesday-Friday prior 🙂

  5. Hi Bec,
    Thank you for sending me the info for the group session. I think I will need a one-on-one with my Anatolian Shepherd. Being a self-thinking breed they do not take kindly to being subordinate, although she is submissive to me. However, her size and strength are an issue which I cannot control. I tried all my obedience methods, but need more. How do I book in for a 1 – on 1 with Steve? And obviously the cost is also a factor.
    Thanks so much

  6. Hi Bec,

    Have you guys got a location for the Workshop?

  7. What will the cost be?

  8. Does it say somewhere how much they are?? I have to fly over from Tassie so cost is a factor. . . . 😉

    • All the information will be released when tickets are tomorrow, but I can confirm now that tickets will be $99 per day for a spectator spot and $289 for the two day handler spot.

      We will also have private consults available as well.

  9. do you have a price for tickets?

  10. Tickets on sale Wednesday the 9th October OR Thursday 10th October?

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