Meet our Puppies!

Our Malinois babies have arrived!

Born in the early hours of the morning on 17/12/13, Wisdom whelped four very large, healthy and already very active puppies. We are so proud to introduce these babies are the Herzhund ‘A’ Litter.

Steve recorded a personal video introducing the puppies and talking about the experience of whelping the litter. You can watch it below;

We can’t wait to see how these puppies grow and develop over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page, Herzhund Malinois, for frequent updates!

About SteveK9Pro

Steve Courtney is a Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Specialist, Obedience Trainer, Law Enforcement Dog Trainer and ANKC Breeder. Steve has been training dogs all his life and in these articles he shares with you his experience...

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  1. Congratulation on a great outcome, enjoy!

  2. Fantastic guys, and well done Wiz! So thrilled all went exactly as it should – an easy whelper and great mum, just as nature intended – worth her weight in gold 😉 Look forward to watching them develop.

    • Yes, congratulations Steve & Bec. Glad to hear Wiz & pups doing well. Steve & Bec you two are great carers. I guess this means Rado (Vasco) is now an uncle x 4. Look forward to reading your updates.

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